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I like cash game, but the problem is that the speed that you can win, you can also lose, it is not a risk?

But it also has the facility you leave anytime you want the table.

You think you're better playing more cash game or play tournaments? Which is more secure and profitable for those who have a small bank roll?

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Posted by Draien:
In my opinion raising 2x-3x BB on the button and waiting for the flop is preferable.

It would be better like 3 to 4 times big blind

Posted by ierons:
This is the situation :

I have one guy siting at a table that has a vpip of 50%. I saw him limp/call with KK in one hand.

Now supose you are on the button holding KTs and this guy is already in the hand, and there isn't any other limper.

What do you do in this situation ? Confused

raise it up hopping to hit (what i normally dont like, but those players mostly also call PPs against three overcards so you need to hit). Still you need to raise as you dont want the BB (or even SB) to limp too.

I would just play it like the limper isn´t there pre flop. If someone limps that often i feel like I´m openraising on the button. (when others limp i might even fold that hand).

Hello everybody!
I was playing in a tournament and the following happened: First position limped, there were two other limpers. I had KK on the button and raised 5 times the Big Blind hoping to look like I was stealing and maybe thin the field but get some action. The player in the first position re-raised to about 15BB, he was called by a limper in the middle. I was pretty scared that he had limp raised me with aces, but pushed anyways. He of course has AA. Should I have just called and seen the flop or simply folded? Do people commonly limp-raise with anything other than KK and AA?

In general it's hard to get away from kings and most of the times you shouldn't.

Good luck all...

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BankrollMob Forum » Poker Strategies » How to play against a limper ? (cash game)

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