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Party Poker Freeroll Problem again  0   
I'm trying to register for the Party BRM freeroll on 16.05, but it tells me:

"Sorry! You are not invited to this tournament!"

Great! Confused

A lot of these kinds of problems on Party lately....
Can Admin contact them to rectify this please?

It's not a problem - nobody can register for the freerolls, Party Poker does the registration based on a list we send to them each day. But if you don't have a real money account, then they can't register you.

Sorry, I was talking about the BRM weekly freeroll.
I got a mail from PP that the event is taking place on monday, but I still can't sign up! Sad

I have a real money account with PP through BRM. Have played this before.

Any way to fix this before monday?

I also have the required points, etc..

Yes please, do something.
I also got the same message and after email complain to my surprise was telephoned from party poker, and also told me that the issue is with BRM so please activate.
I'm also real money player. Club

about weekly freeroll i cant registre too becouse they just dont aloud me Sad
i have reall money account also i earn about 100 points last month and also i have get email from them that i can play in this freeroll and i was aloud but then try to registre i just see sorry u cant be registre for this tournament

can u just contact them and try to know there is theproblem at this time nobody registered at this freerol

good luck all Tongue

same here i always try to register and say me that i cant, what is happening??.. i have a real money account through BRM

Maybe contact party poker support with this issue They are always a good help.

Facking 3 weeks back and only problems here. Again same winners in mobdraw andcracksafe

3rd week the $200 freeroll isn't running. They say 2 sundays back they runned it. Noiw why didn't I get an email than for the freeroll. This isn't really funny anymore/ Give us members a straight answer.

And stop let us play games we can't win anyways. So often the same winners now even 3 out of 4 lol
Look into that. And don't put your head in the sand everytime.

Edited by dianakyra (16 May 2010 @ 12:42 GMT)

you,ve got to have earnt 50 pp points in the last month, so if ur not a regulaur player, ur not playing!!!!! bit s**t init!!!

Lol what do you think. Of course I have earned those points. Read the post properly. We also had get an invitation in our email we could play it. Only this time the 2 times before nothing so we already missed $400 in freerolls. It said you are not invited
Nobody enetred yet. Stomme drol

Maybe we'll get a big $600 freeroll to replace the last 3 weeks of lost games? Big Smile
Strange stuff! Party sends an E-mail to everyone that you can register, and we still can't.... Confused
Been signed up to Party for more than a month now and haven't played one yet. Sad

I have the same situation like IslandJack. All requires are done but cant register. I hope that this it's just an unexpected situation and it's not a deliberate situation. BankrollMob FIX THIS PROBLEM please. There are a lot of players who rake a lot and make good money for this forum just playing from your links so we demand some responsability from your side. Cheers :|

Hi all
Please ask for assistance to register for the freeroll on 23 May. I have real money account in PP BankrollMob Through of e accumulated more than 50 points.
That is what I have to do ??????
Thanks and good luck to all provided they are not in my table Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

I guess just like the 3 weeks previous, that we can't play the party poker freeroll 2day.
Maybe because of the big WSOP freeroll in june. If somebody could register 2day please let us know I going 2 enjoy the weather now CU.

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