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Doyle Brunson's Super System :- it is one of the must have recommended poker books for every beginner player, as well as anyone looking to brush up on the basics of poker strategy.

Doyle Brunson's Super System 2:- A Course in Power Poker - The Super System II book was originally released in the middle of 2005. While much of the information in this book is the same as in its predecessor, the Super System II book includes updates for some of the most popular games of

Buy Ace on the River :- This is easily another one of the best poker books available to the average poker enthusiast. The pictures alone are worth the price in this tome, which is regarded as one of the recommended poker books in publication.

The Theory of Poker :- his is the single most important Texas Hold'em poker book ever written, and continues to be ranked as one of the best poker books in today's market.

Play Poker Like the Pros :- Play Poker like the Pros is a picture perfect introduction to the world of playing poker, including a variety of different types of games like online play, home games and poker tournaments

All these u mention are good... "Ace on the River " by Greenstein is casino and pokerholics' masterpiece!...
I'd also recommend:

"Little Green /Blue book" by Phil Gordon
"Small Stakes Hold'em" (Ed Miller, David Sklansky & Mason Malmuth)
"No Limit Hold 'em Theory and Practice" (David Sklansky, Ed Miller)
"Harrington On Hold'em" Vol 1,2,3

there's very useful stuff there...

#I__CAME__TO__GAME# Heart Diamond

There is many books lists...
I always say i will buy some poker book but always i have something better to buy/do...
Damn i am rlly lazy.

The first Super System deals with a lot of poker games no longer played today. So i would not put it in such list. Super System 2 replaced it.

good one maybe someone try to buy this books and soon become a great pro player but i am not like read books so i like all do in poker with my head and heart so good luck all Tongue

Hello everybody!
I did not read it is but it seems that Dan Harrington's books are also important to read. They are part of the classics.
See you soon for a new post lol! Smile

I want to buy Dan Harrington's books, to make more money on tourneys, but I don't want to take the cash out of my poker account to do it.
And I won't put my own money into Poker related stuff....ever!

How stupid is that? Big Smile

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