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CEREUS have described the split as “amicable” and stated that they “wish Lacey only the best in her future endeavours and know that she will be successful in whatever she chooses."
But has gave little to no reason as to her decision to leave.
Lacey will be appearing as a presenter for Full Til’s Doubles Poker Championship, airing in mid-July on FSN, so we wont be missing out just yet.
Big loss to Absolute Poker in my books, wounder were she is off to? And what nice timing just as the WSOP kicks off.

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Not surprised she's leaving, especially if she's doing some presenting for Tilt. It could just be a case of another rat fleeing a sinking ship, who knows.

Have they even certified cereus' software yet? I heard PTR were testing.

Is her a pro player really ?? Don't know her but I understand why some poker rooms make her offers to sign. Agree with B1gfoot, big big loss.

How good is she, haven't really heard of her. But stories like these always smells like something's going on under the hood.
And the timing, man, i mean could it be worse. She is presenting to full tilt and at about the same time that she's leaving.
Btw, what are the photographs for. I mean we can all see that she's hot, but it doesn't really show poker skills.. Big Smile Hmm, i guess we now all know why she got signed up in the first place... Blink

Lacie is so frigging HOT, I don't know how men play against her and concentrate on the game!!... Tongue
When I first heard about her I just couldn't believe that she's actually commited to poker with such looks... I mean she's a total knockout!.. I guess I could fold Quads for her just like that... Big Smile Big Smile Good choice that she's heading to bigger rooms now...

Some links to appreciate her talents:

#I__CAME__TO__GAME# Heart Diamond

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fleeing a sinking ship sounds plausible.

never heard of her. i would be disctracted playing against her, and as we see, many others too.
dont know if shes any good at poker sells, so yea...its a big loss

Well, looks like we are going to see her playing over at FullTilt..I say get her over to Hot Jugs..

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That first pic is fuckin hot, oh my damn!!

Hello everybody!
I watched the first video on youtube against David Benjamin and Patrick Antonius. Lol even pro cons can lose a great girl who plays a good donk lol!
See you soon for a new post lol! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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