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Hello I wonder if the term BankRollMob WSOP promotion because she was already agreed, or for any problems? or simply came to a stop finalists?, there is the possibility that the next year to do this promotion again? if the sort via BankRollMob wins the WSOP Main Event, will have the opportunity to be player of the Team Pro BankRollMob? please reply, thank you very much


damn this translators suck Big Smile
not quite sure what you on about. if regarding wsop freerolls, yes its over.

regarding the others question - thats something admin has to answer (good luck Big Smile )

Where did it go ???!

Question Question Question Question

came to a close, the final will be soon.

I missed out, although I had 3 entries, one from posting >300, one from answering a thread where the first 3 got a seat and one from scratching three jokers. However, I only actually played in one of them (sorry to those who missed out all together) But see it started at 3.30am aussie time. The first one i play, but was too tired, after about half an hour I have up and donked away my chips. Second time my gf was sick and it didn't seem appropriate to play a poker game at 3.30am and the third time I had work the next morning and it def wouldn't have been a good idea.

Also, I think you'd more likely land a "pro" deal with party poker than BRM..

Boh, I didn't understand almost anything but I don't brlieve there is a Bankrollmob team playing poker, even if I think this it could be a good idea Blink

Team Pro BankrollMob?
Sounds like a good idea! Big Smile
The erst I didn't get too much... Confused


Hey man, better leave any plans for Team BRM aside for a while, and concentrate on TEAM ARGENTINA that has a World Cup to get in the next days.... Big Smile
Although I'm from Greece and on the match against each other I'll be supporting my country, I really hope that Lionel will do his tricks and lift the trophy up in the South African sky the night of the final...
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#I__CAME__TO__GAME# Heart Diamond

BankrollMob pro team,yeah Worship Worship Worship Dollar Dollar Dollar Worship Worship

firs u must win 06.06 tour after wtah u must go to las vegas and beat all the pros at the tour and if u have huge luck and win it just come and say thx for BRM and u not become a pro of BRM team because some poker site ownesr easy will try to singn u to they poker team and u will claim it

so good luck all and just enjoy playing poker Smile Tongue

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