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@IslandJack: 10x for the reply. I saw that the guy hasn't been on the forum for some time, but what the hell, I figure I'll get others opinion bout my game, maybe change a thing or two...or help others.

@atwonshend: With 10 BB or less ur losing fold equity. Say that you were standing in 7 BB and push into an 25BB stack -> he might call a little loose and beat you (or call with a small poker pair - 50% but slightly fav as we all know)

A lot of decent players will raise the SB a little looser if u limp the BT, or if not, they will trap u or commit u on the flop -> the limp call from the BT against one the blinds is rarely a good idea. I myself raise from the SB/BB if I get a limper...he'll sometimes fold, sometimes call, but the texture of the board will mostly be favorable to a CBet from my behalf - thus taking the pot right then and there.
On the other hand, if I where to be in the SB, get a limper, raise 3xBB with 89s (that would be the range to my raise as a steal in these scenarios) and then the limper shoves allin, I couldn't call most of the time. But if he just calls and the flop comes 558, or T45, I would be taking the pot.

That's why I said I said I prefer pushing there..because of the fold equity I still have over the medium stacks. If you don't win a pot there, who knows when you're going to catch another hand like this again.

I think Ace King is a very good starting hands in poker. The poker players must limit his starting hands to those which have the ability to provide him the most value. This means that as a general concept you should only play the hands that if they hit (hit means that if the flop is favorable to your hand) (see poker lingo) will likely be the best hand or have potential to become the one best hand. Ace King is a good example of a hand that if it hits you are likely to have the best hand.
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BankrollMob Forum » Poker Strategies » How to play Ace King in.....

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