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Which is your favourite network to play on?

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Which,do you think is the best poker network?  +2   
i just wanted to know what was the most popular site for members, more so your favourite rather than popular. mine is "ongame network" i.e Bwin and Hollywood poker which i really enjoy playing on. Dont like ipoker that much or microgaming, i.e Ladbrokes,Gnuf.
just out of interest, Thanks,
If I leave any out on poll let me know as Im sure ye will lol Big Smile

Hello everybody!
After stopping a player almost two years on PokerStars. I return because I'm profitable. I made a turn on PKR PARTY FULLTILTT but I like the final PS
See you soon for new posts lol! Smile

Sry had to go for FTP...
Not good for me but still the best ...hahaha

I think FTP is doing things in the right direction and it's ahead of the competition... being the ultimate second best site for so long, really motivates you to do lots of stuff that pleases your customers... I like their software very much and all the fancy stuff there.
Of course Stars is the mother of all pokerrooms and its software and traffic is spectacular.
Party has also very cute look & feel, traffic, and some of the best freerolls for almost every coutry.
Ipoker and especially Titan Poker has become attractive to my eyes lately with its new look of the Tables and faster play.
So for me its FTP, Stars, Party, Ipoker, Ongame. Haven't tried Pkr yet

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Of all the sites which form networks I think ongame is the best. Sites which share players and a common model for software are usually pretty poor such as titan for example. They aren't big enough to go solo so it doesn't take a genius to work out why. Bwin though is a pretty decent site I have found.

But it doesn't stand up to fulltilt and probably stars as well from what I hear as I haven't played there. It beats party though hands down even though party as one of the largest networks should be one of the best.

Prefer Party.
Dont know why, but i run good there.

I like the most PokerStars (network) it's fast and really good.
Also it's best for multitabling... i don't know what is with me but i can't play 1-4 tables...
I am always sooo freaking bored... everywhere i play i play at least 8-12 tables....
And on PokerStars when i played (i didn't for some time...) i was playing easy on 20+ and it was just pleasure there.

My favorite is PokerStars. Ipoker sucks, it's the worst poker network online.

hard to say. i find each client has its advantage and disadvantage.

FT: nice promotions for players, very bad support and a big lack for such a big room. i like their layout but dislike their "random" software....maybe a matter of view, but in my eyes too many monster vs monster hands. alot tournaments, but many start right when im about to go to bed...majority seem to be from US.

Ipoker: good promotions (depends on which skin u play at), nice and always available suppport.
alot fishes...should actually be "plus" for decent pokerplayers, but not if there is 6 out of 10 donkeys on a table.

PS: what to say...since they are the biggest room, they are not that hungry for new players, or to keep u playing at their room, you dont get that often reload bonuses or other kind of bonuses (their new stellar system is "allright" though). no online support but quick reply on mails - so its OK to me. tournaments is Thumbs Down matter if VIP or other kind of tournament your always againt 10k players.
still...i think thats the room i mostly play at, because im a cash player and you always can quickly join a new table, if u dislike a table for whatever reason.

merge: US players...i like to multitable and at my time theres only 1-2 tables on my limit.

ongame: confusing/bad software...dont know, didnt play that much on microgaming.

microgaming: never played...maybe BRM brings a nice bonus one day Smile

cereus: fishy fishy fishy....too fishy to me.

well.......i think im like a grasshopper = give me a bonus and ill be active untill cleared Big Smile.....else u find me on PS.


Other: PKR

Could have at least included "other" option..

PKR has a decent base behind it.

they do Confused Smile

remind to me reinstall it if they bring out a "normal" 2D softwre.

countless times asked, countless times i answered: it always comes to a close contest between PS and FT, but FT always takes it down

If it is down to poker networks only, it is Ongame. But some of the stand alone rooms are even better. Stars and Full Tilt are on top for some reasons.

I know most people say Poker Stars and Full Tilt. But, I kind of like Cerius. Don't get me wrong. Stars and Tilt are fuckin awesome. But, I kind of like the size of Cerius. It's not so hectic like Stars and Tilt. It's like 20,000 instead of 50,000 or 150,000. It's a bit more chill and you're more familiar with the players around you.

I used to play on Ipoker, but now i hate it. Now i play on merge. Its quite nice overlays in tournaments.

all networks work in the same system only full tilt wasso rigged for me
i like stars or party sometimes play on ipoker

so good luck all and find yours own poker site Tongue

I like playing on FTP & Entraction networks.

You might try KickOffPoker, they have a great deposit offer Worship Dollar Worship

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Could you add Entraction Network on the poll please?
So, i could vote Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

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FTP - FTW Cool.

& ofcourse Thumbs Up

My favourite is the one who Fejset usually plays Big Smile I tried Ipoker and FullTilt but now I've been playing for a couple of months on Party and I don't dislike it Blink

I think pokerstars, has the best software, the highest traffic and tournaments at all hours Big Smile
FullTilt also but I think stars is higher. Thumbs Up

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