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I know there is many thread like this, but well its a way for me to calm/cool down, take back my breathe :
This day was just one of the most awful in poker i ever had. You know, the kind of day where nothing pass : you have 8's, he have 9's. You have Q's, he have A's, ...

And even when you have aces oh those damn aces today were really bad for me :
4 aces in a row badbeated, each time on the river that's just were it hurt the much ! And when it happens at two table in the same time (both, straight for my opponent on the river !!)... waw i guys, i can tell you that i was just looking for something to destroy in my room :S
Another aces beaten by a 1 out draw : Had trips Aces, he had trips 2's, and the 4th deuce hit on the river BANG Tchungpo was dead one more time in the day.
Waw, my graph is damn going down in one horrible day.

So guys, be careful to variance, especially in MTT's (what im doing now), it sometimes hurt so much, but i will hold on and keep play solid until i hit some FT .

HOpe you get more lucky than me !
cya Worship

Ah well I have this a lot, one day more or less the same then you, bit worse then them, if you have it then they hit a 2 outer.
One day I was dealt kings at two tables on the same time, two time ran into aces, then you really think wtf, what are the odds Tongue

Tilt didn't get you? Because it sounds like that.
Everyone of us know theese days... and everyone have what to do...
In this week i lost 2x quads vs straight flushes (ofc not on jackpots)... set over set it's like pair vs pair for me... ofc loosing...
But that's only swings u need to remember and play your game... everything will be fine after a while.
Good luck.

I finished the day with profit but damn I almost, for the first time, broke the computerscreen and half a tear left my eye, horrible! The boiling point was my 9's against 5's for mine and his whole stack, he had 2-3k more and I would have 20% off all the chips and offcourse the 2 on the river just broke me down (he made a straight wtfffffffffffffffffffffffff!!!), but im ok, if you play enough games it will always even out but damn damn sometimes I just wanna kill somebody : )

Ps. if youre a winning player, trust your guts, I know a lot of players say you can only get it in with the best cards and I also believe that but still doubt sometimes cause I know there is never one way to play poker (so logically always getting it in with the best cards is not always the way) but there are ways to minimize badbeats and maximize winnings AT THE SAME TIME! (play your winning hands the best and dont play your losing hands bad) , the pro's know.. I don't, I just listen to that hot pokergirl, whatsherface, and always get my chips in with the best cards, sometimes I get it in with 10 high and it still is the best... (wtf?idunno) ; )

pps. very important info: it's not always about the best hand or it would be to easy for everyone to beat the game, but it is always, always about the best situation, sometimes someone goes all in and you call with the absolute nuts and it's great and sometimes your racing for your whole stack with 55 against 67s, wtf?????? I will stop, good luck and good judgment. Peace!

Yes, it was her(VR):

Also, I love her(KARASCOTT!!!):

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Its sad that you have a strikedown, but its happens to all who plays poker. My advice is just calm down, dont play for a few days or you can try play on other poker rooms or some freerols. And for sure soon this strikedown will fineshed.

Yup, thx people for all your answers ^^ talking about that was just so much better than keeping it inside of my head, and blow my bankroll a few hours laters.

some asked if i was on tilt, i will say that a lil bit, but not that much (sometime calling to fast...), but most of the time, i was just waiting as the fishman with his beer, waiting for the hand to come Big Smile The hands came, but were disasters. So for now i'm in tough negociation with the cards, i think they will soon be cool with me ^^ Cool

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