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I see that there are lots and lots and lots and lots of threads about the World Cup Betting Promotion.
There have been many many many good rants and thanks for the promotion... and rightly so Worship
My question is : How many of you / us have actually used the site to place real cash bets?
I have.
I deposited just before the world cup started and have had just a little success but then England keep letting me down, but thats another story.
I have deposited since naughty of me as i have gone off the rails with betting once before, but ive been OK this time. Once every 4 year isnt a habbit!

Post here if you have deposited or if you have used before.
Whats your experience of them? mines OK there 100,000,000 World Cup Comp was fun till the first correct score was wrong followed by the next 12 matchs that cash could have come in handy as well... Big Smile

ive had a bet there but the odds arnt that great compared to other betting sites ,
thats why i left years ago this was...
also i dont like it when you can use your poker bankroll with your betting bankroll,
combind together

all your money in 1 account bad idea i use differnt accounts for each one

You have only one account at Party. So everyone who has money at Party Poker can use it at Party Bets or Party Casino.

no becouse odds here not very good i better prefer some else rooms

good luck all Tongue

I've deposited 100 euros on PartyBets for World Cup bets so far...
Personally I think their odds are really good! I mean a day before June 11th, Partybets was giving Argentina x [8.00] to win the cup!! Maybe I'm mistaken, but I haven't seen any other site giving more than this... can you guys assure me that you found more than x 8.00 for Argentina in another well-known and trusted site?

Anyway, it becomes handy for me to have one account for poker and bets and collect many PartyPoints from bets...

As for African Millions, it's total fun!... very cool promotion, although very difficult to get... I have 4 correct so far... 6 more and maybe I'll get into the 15,000 euro prize pool! Woa! Big Smile Big Smile

#I__CAME__TO__GAME# Heart Diamond

some good some bad points but only 1 depositer... surly theres more out there.

I havent but only becouse im short on $$ Tongue whould have betted on germany serbia if i had some cash :]]

I have, some time ago. Placed some smallish bets, won them, cashed out no problem. I'd recommend them

I do use Partybets - it has good and bad points - poor odds imo compared with the leading bookies - i have rarely seen a better price - the cashout is fast and reliable tho. I am using it less nowadays since i signed up with Paddypower, the prices are way better and they seem to give out freebies quite regularly. Partypoker is the reason i use partybets i guess. However imo i wouldnt go to paddypower for the poker cos its shite.... Thumbs Up

i didnt try but saw that something try it but its still bad beats there was off low stacks so i prefer better several over sites they offers much better then this one

good luck all Tongue

F**k online Casino 'n bet's, unless they are free......
Tx Bankrollmob keep dem no deposits comming! Blink Blink Blink

Me too I use Partybets, I betted on the victory of Germany, that's make 3$x3 = 9$, so i can win 9$.
And the odds are highest than in others places, i would recommend this site.
And you can player poker on partypoker, so what else ? Smile

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