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Thank you for participating in Mob Betting

This is just a quick shout-out to all of you who participated in our free Mob Betting World Cup game - thank you! We hope you liked it. Also a big congratulations to all the winners. As you know, we had four weekly leaderboards with 15 winners each and an overall leaderboard also with 15 winners, so up to 75 winners (some might have won more than once, of course) shared the $1765 prize pool in Mo[...]   Read more » Thank you for participating in Mob Betting

Thank you for participating in Mob Betting  0   
NO, thank you, even tho England got KOd, this made watching the matches much more fun.
This has to be my favorite thing that bankroll mob has ever done.
Great work guys, hope we do see it return one way or anouther.(there must be a loophole someplace so we can use mobpoints for betting)
I was thinking that we could use the system for the olympics somehow.
1.85 - It will be a desaster with building still taking place afer it finished
10098 - All will go smooth
31.5 - If you actually see 2012 when you look at that logo

well done for the game,
even thou i didnt win anything this time i carnt wait for the next,
and also well done to all the winners, Smile

nice promo , but instead of correct score it would be more fun with over/under 2.5 ...
not so much luck involved Blink

Posted by duck_1991:
nice promo , but instead of correct score it would be more fun with over/under 2.5 ...
not so much luck involved Blink

I agree that there wasn't so much skill involved in predicting the score, especially with this football world cup. But it did make the football a lot more watchable.

It would be good for this to continue with different sporting events including non-football but I think maybe there should be some payment. Otherwise you just bet for the bigger odds and hope to get lucky. There is more skill involved when you have to know your odds and out-play the bookies.

I know it sounds silly to ask for something not to be free but if brm doesn't have to pay out mob points for this they can run it longer and have more promos.

Nice promotion...but still hard to guess the scores. Even more because it was an unpredictable World Cup.
I managed to get a 13th position on a weekly leaderboard Big Smile

It's been great and exciting, even though I did not win anything, I was cloooose...but at least I managed to win my office league and got myself a nifty prize

The game was really fun! Thanks BRM.

I hope that some new mobsters joined the famiky because of this promo! Am I right?

As for me, it would be wonderful to have the same game in NHL season! What do you think?

You have already a piece of code which gives us fun. So why not using it again? And yes, why not modifying it slightly, so each bet placed will cost 10 brm? Personally I am ready to pay this cents for my bets, and this will:
1. Increase the prize pool
2. Make the game profitable for the godfather
3. Help to avoid people from outside the mob to take our prizes Smile We will make them to post in forum at least, and hopefully they'll become the part of a mob!

What do you think?

Posted by B1gfoot:
NO, thank you

yes, big thanks ! - was fun to play and much more fun to watch this big event !

loved the promotion even won some point to the safe the first week .... after that had my ass kicked and dropped down the leaderboards .... hope to see something like this again soon

well done good promo also congrates to the winners and hope we soon will have the basketball wc promo here again and will be happy for it

good luck all and we al;l wait new promos here Smile

I Win in 15º in 4 week

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