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rush poker sucks you get no read on anyone...and its just a way for ft to earn more rake and it worked i cant believe people actually play it!! Big Smile

it's true that there is no read on it but you can still come up with a pretty decent strategy that you can follow. so far i still haven't had a perfect strategy.

Hi all! Smile
I like this rush. I receive the dots if I threw it already and I sat elsewhere. This is important because of the rakeback. And I believe it if he is watching this (I believe it only, I did not rehearse yet) the HH-kat can rescue it. What is the trouble though then? The rake counts it-et, and if they are HH-k, then all HUD songs just like that, with everything. I did not rehearse yet of course, but if it does not save the hands other situation. But otherwise cool. The procession of the game is calculable.

Hello everybody!
Hints for beginners
Keep an eye on your position.
The positions are not wandering in a row round as opposed to the game known till now, but they are distributed randomly in all hand. The definition of the own position turns into somewhat more complicated one hereby. So take care that you should establish your position carefully always, and only in the starting hand table character play with suitable hands!
Do not play more tables at one.
The too many tables cause costly mistakes only because of the big pace.
Protect your money from the slope.
You may waste even more money on the window, under even less time in case of getting to slope. Read it inevitably the psychology in a section it here relevant articles. Avoid it Rush tables, if you are prone to the slope!
Lose the table if more are your deposit already than 150BB!
This game demands big competence and special knowledge in case of big deposits. Lose the table simply if you are vague, get in then again. Like this quasi without a loss of time on the usual manner, 100BB size you may play with a deposit keep moving.
Good luck all! Tongue
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if you're playing rush tourneys, all i can say is:

play as many hands as you can untill the ante's kick in.
the faster you fold the more hands you'll play without paying the big blind. (that's the way it's designed). I wouldn't advise trying to steal from the button with any type of stealing hand you would normally use in a regular tourney. Fold it move on to the next don't wait for everyone to fold to you.

it says everyone pays the same amount of blinds but infact it's indicated on a time base in tourneys, so the more you fold the more hands you'll play without paying the big blind.

i read this on a private forum, apperently this doesn't count for rush cash games.

just try to play as many hands as you can untill the ante's kick in, then start playing normally, ante's will suck up your stack like an elephant sucks up water.

yeah. thats what i exactly thought of after playing a rush tourney. playing tight early just doesn't work unlike in regular tourneys,. ill try again playing tourneys but this time, i will make some adjustments Smile

well i actually ment to play tight and not try to steal from CO / BTN in the early stages as it's just a waste of time.
most people are really really fishy in these rush tourneys and they'll pay you off with toppair no kicker
so just play tight and when you hit you'll get payed by some fish who's still playing his pocket 3s on a 5 Q A 9 4 board.

i just ment the faster you fold your crap the more hands you'll get before a big blind passes.

Posted by stojaca:
I dont like rush poker. Thumbs Down

Mmm I love rush poker tornaments and hate cash game becouse I do not know why but I lost money there and tornaments are great I make profit there ..

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For some reason I end up profiting more from cash tables than in rush tourneys. played a loose game on 1 tourney and i just got busted sooner. I'm pretty sure sooner or later i'll get the swing on these rush tourneys

I just tried rush tourney again the other night and it was just my 2nd rush tourney (4+.4 sit n go) and i got 7th place. not bad and im enjoying it. gonna try some more rush tourney later.

Posted by doomdy:
Nice thread +1

Dont agree folding the KK, thats insane.

Big Smile yeap

I find it hard to stay disciplined when playing Rush. I find it easier to read play on normal tables. I won and lost alot of money on Rush cash tables. I win money on normal tables.Rush is fun but you need a huge bankroll to ride out the variences.

i think tag is the way thd to go here. i still think standid post flop play will get you the the money

in rush cash games you can use hud and have stats, but in mtts/sngs it's posible to use players note to put people into "boxes" like tagging aggro player as green, calling stations as blue etc. so if you do that, you won't be so clueless about how people play after some hands.

I however DON'T think you should be playing weak tight (weak tight still better than weak loose but..), cause then you will be owned (owned like haard) when you move up to higher stakes. learning to play tag or lag is the key if you don't want to play 5ish$ games for the rest of your life. imo Smile

Posted by borky123:
I really don`t like rush poker because on it peoples plays only if they have good pair or something like that. In this type of poker i losed all my money Big Smile

I agree. Rush poker is bad for me, I lack the disiplin to fold so many good starting hands. I end up losing a lot of money with KK, QQ. Confused

you guys are right, you will need a very deep bankroll to be able to sustain this game as the variance is just too high. i just lost a couple of consecutive tourneys with AA and AK suited hands. took a break from there. its about the 5th day today and ill try my luck again tomorrow.

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