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Here is a hand I played a while back. I just wanna see what ye guys think of it. What range do you think villain will call with that it is likely he has here? Bear in mind the villain is pretty fishy and very aggro. In case Admin is wondering, this has already been posted in another place (by me), but I just wanna get a few more opinions on it.

Villain is 47/18/1/678
WTSD 25 W$SD 61

Notes on villain are that he floats lots, doesn't 3bet much, bets missed draws.

He is quite aggro.

We have a fair bit of history, with both of us quite aggro. The hand before this I had the exact same line against an absolute maniac clown, on a similar board, for value with AK (FWIW he called with A10, no pair, and chopped when board double paired)

Absolute Life Poker 0.10/0.20, hand converted by the iPoker Converter at Talking-Poker

saw flop | saw showdown

Button Houlala7575 ($35.80)
SB gilbert1492 ($14.53)
BB Hero ($25.53)
UTG smurkey03 ($25.40)
UTG+1 kingindia ($39.00)
CO Kusters111 ($19.70)

Dealt to Hero: 9s9c

Preflop: , smurkey03 calls 0.20, kingindia calls 0.20, 2 folds, gilbert1492 calls 0.10, Hero raises to 1.00, smurkey03 calls 1.00, kingindia calls 1.00, gilbert1492 calls 1.00.

Flop (4.80) 5s 8d 2d
gilbert1492 checks, Hero bets 3.60, 1 fold, kingindia calls 3.60, 1 fold.

Turn (12.00) 3h
Hero checks, kingindia bets 8.80, Hero moves all-in for 20.73

Thoughts? Is this too thin? Or considering history is it OK?

Edited by tommygunne (23 February 2008 @ 14:17 GMT)

dunno if i would play so agresive with such a low over pair since he could have bigger or some two pairs or flush/str8 possibility but dunno depends on you read on him

What 2 pairs do you think he limp calls with preflop? What overpairs do you think he limps with preflop? I want to get called by flush and straight draws? And for him to have a straight now he would have to have either have 64 for the double belly buster on the flop, or called with a gutshot.

So what realistic range would you give him given that he limp called preflop?

Sorry should have put suits in OP, just putting them in now.

I would of most likely folded to this. Obv he must have something, and I dont think on that board it helped him so Im thinking def over pair of some sort. And 99 isnt strong enough for me to play with

I think i would have done the same. He tries to get you out of the pot on the turn.. ( i think)

That was my question. What do you think he can possibly have given the action and history? How often does he fold and how often does he call with worse?

i think hand which you would be most worried about would be the set, makes sense to limp call with small pocket pair, waits until turn to push (something i do often if their is flush draw out their, with two cards to come flush is near even money, with the one card to come he is big favourite plus wins bigger pot if you dont call)

if he is a maniac tho he could easily have any two cards, maybe the small suited connectors, they make sense for the limp call, if he had 45 of diamonds he would have flopped middle pair and a flush draw, which makes his call make sense, then turned the open ender, so has a huge draw and is happy if you call cus of all his outs or is happy if you fold because he is still drawing

i could also see him playing the hand the same way with 89, limp calling, landing top pair on the flop so calling your bet hoping you just have overcards, see another rag and push on the turn to put you in tough decision and fold a small overpair or make you pay to draw to your AK

or maybe just a complete bluff, did you get to see the his hand?

sorry i read this wrong i thought he reraised you, his bet on the turn could have been anything, he may have just sensed weakness in your check or again any of the above hands seem to match the pre and postflop action

Edited by SCDossett (23 February 2008 @ 19:57 GMT)

hi i just played at unibet i pushed my chips in with ace king after hiting king on flop got called with 73 and lost he hit another 7 on river was i wrong to push or was he just lucky

no you got all your money in when you had the best of it, and besides if you had of just bet when you were ahead you still would have most likely called if 7's pair. its easy to put someone on a flush draw and fold when another of that suit hits but its very hard to put some one on middle or bottom pair

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