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Security hole found at Cake Poker

A large security hole was found on the Cake Poker network the other day. The security hole means that information with bad encryption (not SSL like many other sites) is being sent between Cake Poker's servers and players, which makes it easy for a hacker to crack the code and see hole cards, login details and other information. Lee Jones, cardroom manager at Cake Poker, explained in a forum threa[...]   Read more » Security hole found at Cake Poker

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PokerTableRatings (PTR) July reported his communication, in which he reports on it,, safety one on 26 Cake Poker found a gap in a network's software. The players and Cake Poker because of data running between a network, the weak coding, easy-to-access one the third is afraid for him, who may display the players' sheets so,, and may get at their password.
The mistake similar, than that early Cereus network discovered PTR, Cake SSL considered the standard individual XOR uses a coding instead of encryption, what Windows are with a calculator simply can be blistered.
Cake Poker a network cheats his players with this, since it is claimed on their official website, 256 bit TwoFish their protection, which is a bar, is built upon an algorithm cannot be considered for a standard, for safe one yes. PTR programmers established it however, i can't believe it, 32 bit XOR use a coding in the network's truth.

A large security hole was found on the Cake Poker network the other day.

That`s not nice to find out, a medium poker platform has not fully protection for his customers.

Ive been playing on cake for about a year ..playing low stakes cash and doing ok. Then switched to mainly sng's $5-10-20 . was doing great playing well and winning till about 2-3 months ago . I thought it was just a down swing but this news makes me think maybe not .. cant win like my apponents are psychic???
Maybe this is just a siutable excuse for my slide but bit wierd nontheless!!!

zzzh looil

Stars and FT pays PTR 2 keep their mouth shut lol Blink Cool Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

It's not an excuse that you're being playing in a non-secured wireless network. Software must supply, at least, login with an encrypted protocol. You can be sniffed but your identity is safe because of the encription. However, if your are "open", you could be injected with a key-logger application, so u're beaten too.
As a software engineer, in my humble opinion, this is a monster bug! If the manager said "solution: don't play in open network" he is not assuming his responsability. Is like if i build a car with a problem in 5th gear and i say "avoid highways!". Pathetic!

unlikely that anyone was cheated in this scenario, at least not before PTR exposed the hole in the system defense publicly/// I wonder if not advising the network b4 posting it would have been more responsible...

Well if they is a risk,I think its bad,we are risking our hard earn cash right everyone!!!??
Then maybe we should AVOID playing there until the PROBLEM,is fixed!!!
Especially if you play high stakes.......too dangerous as far as i am concerned

indeed there can be some internet problems that can "destroy" you Smile

i was not pleased by cakepoker thats why i don't play there anymore

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I think it is terrible that these things happen in online poker,

because a security hole means that anyone who knows can easily circumvent

the security of this poker room, and hopefully these things will improve and not re-pass

especially in the most important poker rooms,

good luck to all and hope that our network is safe.

Posted by stojaca:
I dont play at Cake poker.

neither do I

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