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So I deposited $50 into Titan Poker a few days ago and Managed to get it up to $120 and even got a copy of Holdem Manager as I used their sign up code.
I know how to play poker and I'm actually pretty good at it but today I have successfully managed to piss away my entire bankroll. Today absolutely everything that could go wrong did go wrong until I was left with $40. I've now taken my last $40 out of Titan Poker as the s**t that happened today was surreal. I've run bad before, but this is just bs.

All I played were $5.00+$0.50 sngs and these were the hands I was knocked out in:

1.) On button with A4, raise 2.5x, BB ships for 7x, his VP is 47 so I call he turns over Q4. Q on flop.
nxt hand 88, ship pre, BB has AA

2.) 99 in cutoff, raise 2.5x, BB ships for 8x (VP of 53 - highest ive ever seen), I call, he has 86, flop 8K8
Nxt hand KQ, ship, same donkey calls with Q10 and turns the Q

3.) Q6 in BB, flop Q62, SB ships, I call, he has A3, he gets runner runner for backdoor flush

4.) A4 on button, ship for 7x, BB has 9x and he calls with J4, spikes a J on the river

5.) Guy raises from UTG, I'm in late position with KK, stick in a healthy re-raise, he ships I call, he has 33, flop 3 9 10

6.) Guy ships on button, I have K10 and call. He has J10, flop K 8 2, turn Q river, for a lovely runner runner straight,

7.) AA vs 22, all in pre - flop 2 9 8

8.) KK vs J10, he ships on flop with flush draw and hits

9.) KK vs 88, all in pre, he turns his 8

10.) Shipped on button with KK, BB has AA

11.) Shipped on button with 10 10, SB calls with QK and hits

12.) Got short and shipped with A10 on button, SB and BB call, SB has AK and BB has AA

And that is pretty much how you dont cash in 12 sng's and lose the majority of your bankroll. I dont mind having my KK or AA cracked every now and then but 5 times in one day is utter horse sh$$


...and to top everything off, i think ive broken my hand after punching the wall. am hoping its just sprained...

You should not play $5 or probably above if you lose $80 in 12 SNG's if you only have $120.
If you want to get rich fast don't mind going broke.

And if this is your worst day ever prepare on even worse days because if you play poker for a long time these beats are standard every day. You should look into my weaktight account maybe 5000+ of these lol Big Smile

quote.......Nxt hand KQ, ship, same donkey calls with Q10 and turns the Q

if he turned the Q you woulda out kicked him..?

I think you should be more careful with your bankroll. I play the SnGs whichfor i have 50buy-ins or more...
It also sounds like u were a little bit on tilt... Blink

Nice run of cards. Shock

But if Lady Luck don't like you there is not much you can do.

And yes. $120 are not enough to play $5 tourneys.

ZippedI-poker network

been there, done that. i can only say two words - bankroll management. i wish i could say im good at this, but unfortunately no, so i know how you feel. only difference between you and me is that i couldnt cash out the 40 that was left Big Smile

Poker isnt allways up Agree
/ul /tuts /cry

su u must stya here but not play if u loose to much just do the break becouse oneday u ll win next day u ll loose it was on all poker sites the same and u must know it and not be very sad

good luck all Tongue

Yep, a lot of bad boards.
But not THAT unusual, in my experience.

Anyone can lose 20 S&G´s in a row, even the pro´s.
Like a lot of people say here, 50x buy-in is the rule of thumb.

Not easy to always follow that rule, and I don´t always either, but it´s the only safeguard against these bad runs. Have had a few myself, and thought I had forgotten how to play Poker. Big Smile

Just get back on and try again, a bit more carefully, I guess.

Hope your hand´s ok? Blink

Seems like Titan has taken a leaf out of stars book! The bad beats on that site is unreal. I had A-9, called a raise by another player, flop comes out 9,8,9, i check, he goes all in,all. He turns KK, at this point I'm looking good, turn - 2 river - k. At this point a player tells me he had k-10. One out to win the hand, a BIG pot, i was sick!

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