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Be it a hero call, an amazing fold, a horrid beat or just a donkey hand, what is your most memorable hand?

Mine is:
Was playing a $20 sng and the very first hand (10/20 blinds) I pick up is Q HeartQ Spade is 2nd position

*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to SimpLe-SI-08 [Q Heart Q Spade]

Sharphin: raises 40 to 60
SimpLe-SI-08: raises 140 to 200
steffisher: folds
Fabian19907: folds
Mclaren SLR: folds
Distaples: folds
Tigerwahn: folds
Schmackerich: folds
joespi: calls 180
Sharphin: calls 140

*** FLOP *** [J Spade 5 Spade 3 Heart]

joespi: bets 340
Sharphin: calls 340
SimpLe-SI-08 has activated his time bank
SimpLe-SI-08 said, "wow"
SimpLe-SI-08 said, "this is sick"
SimpLe-SI-08 said, "really think i'm beat"
SimpLe-SI-08: folds

Ok now here is my logic for folding an overpair on that board. The guy in the BB flat called my re-raise which I really didnt like, then he led out on the flop with a bet just over half-pot? The question I asked myself is - what did he call my re-raise with? If he called it with AK is he really gonna lead out on the flop, especially with 2 initial raisers behind him? THEN the guy UTG flat calls the BB's flop bet. I mean wtf has just happened? I really have to be beat. One of them has to have AA, KK or a set of jacks unless they are both serious fish. So I elected to fold instead.

*** TURN ***[J Spade 5 Spade 3 Heart] [9 Club]

joespi: bets 300
Sharphin: calls 300

*** RIVER *** [J Spade 5 Spade 3 Heart] [9 Club] [9 Spade]

joespi: checks
Sharphin: checks

*** SHOW DOWN ***

joespi: shows [K Club K Heart] (a pair of Kings)
Sharphin: mucks hand
joespi collected 1890 from pot

Made me so flipping happy. Was jumping around the room like a mad man.
Frankly that is my most memorable hand of the tens of thousands I've played. The thing that made me even happier is that not a lot of people can put something like that together and bring themselves to folding.

Happy days.

Now I wanna hear yours....

Yes pretty nice,

Being able to put down cards that would normally make you go into an all-in-fury is one of the first sign of getting to the next levels of playing poker.

Good for you Thumbs Up

nice one....Good for yo

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