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would you fold the Kings or what would you do?

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live tournament.. would you fold Kings here?  +3   

i was on a live tournament ( materialprices) by a local pokerhost.
it was a 15k deepstack and blinds were 100/200 i was position 8 and got kings..
BB and 6 player called the 200 and ( in notice there were no big raises yet in this first 40minutes) i raised to 1000 and got 1 caller.. ok i thought he has got a PP too or A with good kicker..
flop came 27A - he checked and i bet 1000.. instant call by him...
turn A ( !! why why does everytime i get the kings the aces are flying on the table?)
he bets 2000 and i folded 15seconds later ..
but after thinking some minutes i better have reraised.. but this reraise would be 6000.. half of my stack, pot committed and i have to go all in or call an all of him on a situation i´m not sure as he seemed to be a very tricky player( he is top 10 of the hosters ranking)

would you play the kings to the end here?

tricky but you probably did the right thing... he limped then called yr raise that does suggest all what you said..he may even have hit a set!? Either way yr kings are on shaky ground!
Always the ultimate thing about KK,QQ if the A hits you've gotta know your opponents range to continue..
I read somwhere that people limp with hands containing Aces and 10's the most so if an A or 10 is an over to your PP you have to figure your beat more often than not!!!
???? where did you finish????
looking at it again was there a flush potential on the board would explain the turn bet by him !? if not he was probing to see if you were scared by the aces.. Aww crap!

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Live any A gets played. So don't lose your stack with 2nd pair. Even if it is hart to lay down the kings.

Bet more preflop, and bet more on the flop.

Your pre-flop bet is too small, should be a min of 1400 to go here id just push all in.
Post flop is a weak c-bet and makes you look scared, gave villan cause to get you off the pot.
There are lots of diffrent factors to if I would fold or not, I cannot answer.

deep stacked Im always ready to fold KK to any ace on the board. They flip an A often enough that it's not worth it, plus theres a lot of other hands obv they can also win with (made set, FH, etc).

Only time i wouldnt lay them down to an A on the board is when Im super short stack/pot commited..

I'll get them in pre every time, but if i see the flop and see the ace, then I wont just blindly play my Ks to the bitter end.

it is an art to fold kings Big Smile But they are not irresistible...And lot of players would like to play any ace. Maybe you should et more on the flop to see if he really has an ace. Second ace on the board didnt change anything, so i would bet again and if I saw a reraise, i would probably fold...

But in your situation, fold can be probably the best thing to do in my view...

Definitely fold the KK, this is suspect play, I would not be supprised if he had AA or AK in this situation. The quick call sugests he has hit his ace with a high kicker and is hoping to make money off the turn.

Of course, you should suppose his behaviour - If instacall - be aware Smile

Well you said he's a good player,.. i reckon he had air/small pp but knew u really hated that ace on the flop and outplayed you. I would've prob checked the flop, and tried to play a relatively small pot

I think the best thing is in this situation is fold. The last few days teach me if i see an A on the board, and somebody call your bet maybe reraise to you, the best thing what u can do is fold.


Well, it all depended on the situation in which folder should the kings,

bone depends on the tournament if it is very important or not but also depends

on the position you're at the table, and the opinion you have about your rivals on the play,

besides the time of the tournament if bubble etc.

So in my case I never ever foldearia two kings ...


No doubt about that. Already lost too much thinking my kings are defenitly better than his hand and that it is impossible that he has A in hand, but i always went wrong on those probabilities. So, playing safe is folding. If there were no A on the flop, your bet had to be high in the same. You cant risk to see an Ace on turn or river and your oponent taking it all. We have to put'em on the line, if not, they will kick us out of the table we bad hands against our monsters, showing we dont know how to play. Never try to turn a K in a better card than an A - because it will never happen!

right fold u had a good stack and must not risk it against a A in these situation whats place u finish in these tourmament?

too bad situation for in that moment!very good cards,but 2 of A on table are too much!you cant know did he had that A and you dont want to go from tournament!

it's very hard to fold K K but sometimes you must fold! Angry Angry this case you must fold if you don't want go away from the tournament.

you should consider too, that Ax - are very often to limp in the pot - thats the POWER of ACE - people see an ace and they behave like mad Smile

if u saw a its means some off these callers will have a and u must easy make fold Tongue

sometimes it is very difficult for anyone who does, you need to fold KK,
happens to me too much, whenever I come to KK QQ or JJ
Aces hit the flop.
happens ..

almost always, i would call raises if i had an ace... Blink

better to fold in this situation, as the stack is still good in relation to the blinds and wait for a better spot, once he was not afraid of the A, u should...

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