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would you fold the Kings or what would you do?

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Like B1gfoot said, there are many factors to consider.
You didn't mention how tight/loose the player was, and if the board showed a flush draw. Your c-bet is to small there, I believe that a pocket pair that sensed weakness from your behalf and any flush draw, even air if someone considers to float you(putting you on PP) would make the 2000 bet. If the player was aggresive/tight in the past, I would def fold(or if I knew he was at least a decent player). Most weak/semi-decent players will hold an A there or even full house with a PP in hand (thus thinking you have trip A's and call him) -> in this situation a will fold 95% of the time.
But against a good player I will flat call and see the river (very very few will make a river bet if they where bluffing/holding a smaller PP).
I can't say for shore because in live tourneys I rely about 40% on the body language of the players(mostly on the tendencies of the betting, as on online play).

how did you finsh if you did ok then my be you did the right thing

Posted by ChoonT:

i was on a live tournament ( materialprices) by a local pokerhost.
it was a 15k deepstack and blinds were 100/200 i was position 8 and got kings..
BB and 6 player called the 200 and ( in notice there were no big raises yet in this first 40minutes) i raised to 1000 and got 1 caller.. ok i thought he has got a PP too or A with good kicker..
flop came 27A - he checked and i bet 1000.. instant call by him...
turn A ( !! why why does everytime i get the kings the aces are flying on the table?)
he bets 2000 and i folded 15seconds later ..
but after thinking some minutes i better have reraised.. but this reraise would be 6000.. half of my stack, pot committed and i have to go all in or call an all of him on a situation i'm not sure as he seemed to be a very tricky player( he is top 10 of the hosters ranking)

would you play the kings to the end here?

No its an easy laydown if you think he could habe trips on the flop and full house on the turn. KK isnt any good here.
I bet he didnt have the A but he hoped you did as when he bet the flop he was already well infront.
His check when the A come on the turn was a poor attempt to cover his full house.

I believe you did best thing; there was a big possibility he had third ace in his hands.
Did yo manage to go itm later ?

Hi,you are probably do good think and fold,when I have two kings in 98% cases A is on the table and my KK in hand lose Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Worship Worship Dollar Dollar Worship Worship

Easy fold here. Everything you can beat is a total bluff. It's not nice lay down, but the only correct decission. On the flop you could represent the Ax, what would make any smaller pocket-pairs, except 77 and 22 fold. He called so he has Ax, 77 or 22 and you have maybe 2 outs.

probably not rather fold and keep my chips that call and se how the show the winning Ace... but thats my opinion Big Smile

good fold. No time to play your tounament on that hand, even less with that stack and blinds

Personally, if i have a big poket pair, and on the table is an A, i will instant fold the pair. Sure, in case if i don't have the trips Tongue

oponent check-calls with the A on the flop and bets on the turn that brought an A...definit fold no doubt,he could have had a pocket pair but the bet on the turn kind of makes it clear.i say you played it well defently would have folded Blink

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