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Hi every one...! its been a while since i was around. Big Smile
Ive had a few issues that have kept me away from poker for a while. Each time i tried to get back into it i FAILED big time..... Angry Disagree
Couldnt get the rythem back and just lost money. I didnt even have a good game. (very disapointing)
My Nan would always say if your lucky in love you wont be lucky in gambling... now i know my Nan aint the bee all and end all when it comes to weather your a good poker player or lover but you know i think she's right..... Smile
I have had real poor poker skills for over 2 months now but my personal life has been WICKED... A pucker holiday with the wife in Ibiza Cool Blink
I cool break with the kids caravaning and good vibes at work (the new boos seems to like me) Shock
But i had some real bad news yesterday that put me in a foul mood, so when everyone went to bed i sat down to take on my demons on the poker tables.
I played a $10 cashout tour on FTP
And i done real good...for me anyway I cashed out $190 as the tour went on I was chip leader at one point and when we got to the last 8 I was sitting in 2nd.
At this point it went wrong, i called a re-raise with Q high flush, he had K high flush (the A was on the board).
Then i called a re-re-raise with QQ..(poor I know) but i did make it to 7th out of 600+ and took $280ish out of the tour all together Big Smile
I made good calls and picked up on tells from several players through the game Thumbs Up yeah i have done this before but never noticed it as much as last night.
I was very happy to get that far even though i did have the thought in my head that i could actually win this (that might explain why i called those silly

Anyway does anyone else play better / worse when they are happy / sad?

Oh yeah....................its good to be back Agree

The mood is definitely a game killer or it brings your A game. I used to think I could play in all kind of conditions, but now I play only when I'm relatively calm and comfortable. I don't play when I'm a little bit nervous or sad or when I'm tired. Last resort would be when I have a tourney which I qualified for and can't miss it, but then coffee + smokes get me to the final table Cool

yeah but it seems to be the other way around for me. I have to be in a right stinky mood to be able to consentrate / do well.

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