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Hi mobsters, hope you're all doing well...

Yesterday I won a $215 ticket to the weekly PartyPoker $250K. I played the $15,
50-seat-frenzy qualifier. The field was 650 people giving 50 tickets, which means 1 in 13 passed to the big final... It's my biggest achievement so far and I'm really glad I made it.. I played ultra tight, going all-in only 3 times with a real hand and doubling up.

The best thing about it, is that I started from a freeroll, playing a field of about 600 people that
gave me one of the 10 tickets to the 50-seat-frenzy $250K Qualifier. So it's possible to start from zero and end up with a place in a big tourney... That's why I'd always advise all players that haven't built a serious bankroll yet, to start from freerolls or low buy-ins and make their way up.. Thumbs Up

Has anyone else played the PartyPoker $250K? I remember IslandJack that you won a ticket to the Monthly Million but I don't know if you've played it yet... Also there was another player, (if I'm not mistaken it was duck_1991 ) that played the Million... I suppose there must be similarities between $250K and $1M.. I know they both have 20min blinds & the $1M has 20,000 starting chips... so there must be definitely some room for good poker in it.

Since it's my first really big tourney, I have to prepare myself decently for this. Any comment from more experienced players is more than welcome... Thumbs Up

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congratz with your ticket , only one advice that i can give is that you have to make sure that you play without being disturbid by wife , sons , daughters or friends or whatever that can disturbe you from your game , stay focussed all the time and play as you have played your qualification games and you will be fine i think . Big Smile

First of all congrats, well played man Thumbs Up!

Ive played myself tourneys with over 1-200$ from time to time.
Most players in there play as NIT so your tactic would be the same I assume lol.

Call suited ace rags preflop. Try to trap as much as you can if the pot is small and uve hit big. Never gamble in early stages/hours - depending how big blind levels are.
And in the deep when smallstacked go with first nice Ace rag you have lol.

And one more thing - its nothing close to a freeroll or qualifiers, because only the best/ritchest players play the big ones Blink.

Let us know how you did when its over. Best of luck Thumbs Up

don't be too tight! ... when you have something good you just have to go for it Blink
most of them know that in this tourney is playing too tight and they shove all the time ... you might loose , but to win you need to take some chances Blink
anyway ... when is it ? Tongue

Thanx for the advice, it's every Sunday 18:45 CET... but I won't be able to play today, so I'll leave it for some other Sunday... I think I'll have to watch a bit of this tourney first to catch the spirit of it... how aggressive or tight the players are...

@Kristan: yeah, I'm sure it's nothing like the freerolls & qualifiers... Smile some rich folks and fine players will be playing and there are some serious money in there

#I__CAME__TO__GAME# Heart Diamond

Once won place in 50-seat-frenzy from nordic qualifier freeroll but got busted 10players before that ticket so got pretty pissed then Big Smile

And gongratz to you ILI for your ticket! Hope you the best of luck for that huge tournament Thumbs Up

Keep us informed when you are going to play so I can come and rail you Heart

Wow! Nice one! Blink

I haven't played those qualifiers yet like you suggested a while back, they're on pretty late;
Still haven't played the Monthly, I was on a plane last weekend and couldn't play.
Next one's in October.

Good luck with the k250 tourney when you get a chance to play it.
We're rooting for you! Blink

I would sell the ticket if it is possible Smile

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