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On-line training sites Con or Con-Ed ????

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On-line training sites Con or Con-Ed.  0   
im opening this thread to find out what you guys think of all these on-line training sites.
Good, Bad, Ugly etc.
Do you think they are a valuble learning tool or just another way for established players to make extra money off the struggling masses??

Some are endorsed by big name pro's others by consistant winning grinders, who are all willing to give up there wining formulas for anywhere between $30 per month to $99 per year depending on the site.
This seems a little strange as in the long run they have the most to lose and least to gain !

Your veiw or experiences of these sites would be most welcome. Blink

I've never paid, but there is a LOT of positive feedback for some of the training sites. And a LOT of people who swear by real-time coaching also. Certainly, if you're open to learning (don't think you're top s**t and actually willing to pay attention and make changes) then I'm sure you could get something out of some professional coaching.

Saying that, for sure there'd be plenty of con-job training out there also. So obviously, do your research first.

Also - word of warning - do NOT name any sites that might provide this kind of service - as they will all have affiliations which would be in competition with BRM and it would definitely be against BRM rules to mention them Smile

Iv seen a few vids done trials etc, Id say yer it improved my game and conferdence in how best to play, but I think the bast way to get better is to play more, find your game, playing text book is very predictable and will only yeild good resuls for a short time.
But the best way to up your game is to hire a coach, do the teamviewer thing and learn from what they say.
From the training sites iv been on FTs stuff is the worst, and cardrunners the best.

it could be a con if youd let them... but if you wont allow them; they coulnt con nobody... Blink

I did SitNGoGrinders, very helpfull when i was a complete donk, now i am not a donk anymore but a good fish, so now gonna take some training from a wannabee pro to take the next step to semi tard Cool

I started poker with a bonus from one of them (maybe the most popular) and have some immediate benefits....when you read some basic strategy you are already ahead people didn't do it

but it is only the first step of a long way but I think it is a necessary step

If u want to be serious about poker, than a little coaching now and then is worthwhile. Paying for some good coaching will yield far more profit in the long run vs. no coaching.

u understand poker or you do not understand poker. if not, let it...

i cant say i would pay $20 a month to join a coaching site when i could put $20 onto party and play there im sure i would learn with experience and not being told what to do

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