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Hi all, just been reading this thread as i have just racked up the 500 points on winner poker. i have just requested to BRM, so we shall see if i have the same problems.

to tell you the truth.... if i had seen this thread before i would of chosen another deal, anyhow lets see how things go. Tongue

I'm also interested, but from my impression, it seems to be a problem with the Winner Poker. The support from BankrollMob is also fail, because they seem not to read the emails or they don't keep track on them.

Hi,seems like we play at Winner-s**t for nothing,last time when I was play for Nuts poker gift offer everything was over for 4 days,I'am cash out money from Winner-s**t and don't want to play for any gift offer,only on Fulltilt and Party poker Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Hi just to let you all know this offer is full of problems !!!!

still waiting for my POINTS !!!! Aww crap!

And I'd like to say, as I wrote in one of these numerous threads about this, that this offer seems to take some time longer than a lot of the others. But the points do come. At least they did for me, without one email beeing sent anywhere, and without me starting one thread about it.

Except for, as it seems, karstenkloss. For him it probably has been some sort of cookieissue or something, that has made the deal sour. Too bad, man. It sucks. And I do feel for you.

Well out of curiosity, i emailed winner support, just to make sure they can see i have cleared my 500 points, here is there reply :

Dear Carly, Thank you for choosing Winner Poker. This is Alma from the Support Team. We regret to inform you that you are not eligible for the promotion of this site
as you have signed up through different advertiser.

Your understanding is appreciated. With any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Winner PokerSupport Team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Best Regards,Winner Poker E-mail: [email protected]@winner.comDocuments E-mail: [email protected]

yes right !!! so what this alma is saying is compleate and utter waffle Aww crap!

BANKROLLMOB IS THE ONLY REASON I JOINED THERE SILLY LITTLE SITE Confused yes i cleared all cookies then proceded to d/load.

BRM should either warn people about the delay or remove it compleatly as it is 100% missleading.

i invested my own time and money to clear this bonus and i just want my peice of cake for it. Big Smile

oh and i am waiting for an email to tell me who i allegedly signed up with ??? should be fun ! Cool

Hi.I recive e-mail and they tell me that i must play a little more to get that Winner poker gift offer.I do request 05.09.2010.,now it's 34 days,I send them screenshoot of my Winner poker cashier because I do over 500 Wpoints and deposit over 30$ like they asked but nothing of gift which I should get before 30 days,s**t gift from BRM,BIG Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down for BRM and Winner-s**t
Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

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OK, if there is a number of you being turned down, after doing the required points, I might have to slowly back out of the room, with my head bowed down admitting I seem to have been wrong.

I'm, in such case, sorry, and apologize.

But the fact still remains, I got paid

Posted by dozn01:

have you kept to the terms and cons

Deposit at least $30 and earn 500 'Winner Points' to qualify for a $50 gift from BankrollMob. The deposit bonus (100% up to $500) is yours to keep, as well as your winnings.

Read more:

Im not sure about that Sad


got two emails today all good news from winner, right first email was saying sorry about the previous email & my account is linked to BRM Big Smile

So i get another email telling me next time i log on please contact online support as i have a instant cash bonus waiting for me!!! So i log on and contact online support & It turns out that basically its a sorry gesture !!! They give me $10 instant & token to a tourn not bad eh!!! Thanks WINNER !!!

And the very polite lady that spoke to me said they have let BRM KNOW I HAVE EARNED MY POINTS !!! 5 days AGO !!!!!

So lets see


Winer poker is a good pokerroom, so far I do not have any complaints with this pokersite. but I already have an account there so I can not opt for the bonus I think.

Hi,I send e-mail to BRM and to Winner poker,then e-mail with cashier photo and now is 35 days when I do request,I didn't have trouble with tracking,they told me that i must play a little more(don't know how much is it)but I had enought Wpoints and do deposit over 30$,now is 10 days from sending e-mail with cashier photo and nobody answer to my mail and still nothing of gift,I realy don't know what I can do and now when they see my cashier what is the problem because I wait,now support of BRM and of Winner poker knows that I do everything like was asked in gift offer rules and still 10 days BIG NOTHING Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Thumbs Down Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Hi,here is news,I recive mail 20.10.2010.(month and half of day I requested gift) and in mail they rejected my request because 1.I use wrong username or 2.I'am not tracked by BRM
Only that everybody knows in 1st mail they tell me that I must play"a little more" for that gift,I send them e-mail and tell them for that 1st e-mail and if I'am not tracked by BRM that will be 1st e-mail to me and I send them everything from begining about Winner poker gift and cashier of Winner poker and tell them that winner support tells me that is everything ok with my account,we talk about that gift and from winner support women tell me that is everything on BRM.I send them that mail without hope that anything will be of gift and after hour they send me e-mail in which is: we get wrong information about your account and for double check will take some time,because of that we decide to give you Winner poker gift Confused Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
Of course I'am happy after month and half I get that gift but at the end they give me gift which they must double check but because for that they need time they give me gift without double check but before that I was send don't know how much e-mails and wait 48 days.
If someone have same problem send mails until you get that gift,today I was rejected and after sending everything to [email protected] for one hour I recive gift which I wait 48 days Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship Dollar Dollar Dollar Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship


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Smile)))))))))))))))))))))) yomayo

Posted by schwabo:
Of course I'am happy after month and half I get that gift but at the end they give me gift which they must double check but because for that they need time they give me gift without double check

winner poker just seem like a poorly managed site, glad u got ur gift offer.
after reading this i wudna be bothered with their gift offer or site.

Well, great that you got it at last ma'm! Smile

Hi,yes I'am happy but after 2-3 weeks it's not because of 50$,I was feeling like a s**t,I do everything and when they must do their part of deal everybody are at hollydays,anybody knows nothing,Winner poker and BRM play ping-pong and I'am ball.If I was claim gift and don't send mails month and half,I don't have gift and like they said I do mistake or wrong username or I 'am not tracked(you didn't clear your cookies) Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

I totally understand your frustration m'am, and after a while, it becomes a matter of principal, moore than a matter of the actual money. But, as I wrote, good that it finally worked out. Smile

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