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do you kick as much ass as me?

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LOL so funny he think thats was a good move and postet this here LOL?But i think he had read enough here what he had doing was a really bad move my only hope is that he learning from so is it a good post when he learning from Big Smile

Posted by IslandJack:
Posted by midnight1954:
Ah my friend I can see a vast army of bankrollmob players ivading FulltiltPoker in search of you , I can see every table you sit down at filling up in an instant with players coming from all over the world to see your brilliance and admire your skill and clever play. Thunderous applause will roar along the corridors of the pokergods court and yes I kneel at your feet waiting to be blest by thyself,, ah such ah man is truelly ,,,,,,,,,,,,, a donk

Aww crap!
how ! how !! how! can you post this and put it forward as good play?? but then again well done becuase thre aree lots of newplayers at this site and they might be stupid enough to call my all in with aa with such hands,, what are the maths oh wonder boy ????

Laughed my ass off! Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Seriously, because I`m confused.... Confused

Are we really talking about the $22 buy-in, $200.000 (did i miss a zero?) Double Deuce?
Where everyone starts with 3220 chips, so it was the beginning of the tournament?

Did you get this move out of "Donald Ducks Guide to Online Poker"?
Are you so independently wealthy that you can just throw your money out the door?
Do you usually play the Roulette tables and equate those to Online Poker?
Do the words "statistical probability" have any meaning for you at all ?

Where is the "are you SERIOUS?" option on the Poll? I couldn`t find it!

If this seems a bit harsh to you, believe`s NOT!
I would suggest typing "Starting Hands Chart for No-Limit Holdem" in Google and browsing some of the sites.
Should prove to be an interesting read for you.

Oh...and if this was just a joke....sorry, then: Very funny! LOL Big Smile

No, joke I'm afraid, but hopefully this will help you understand

1) I hate full tilt and never want to play there again so i decided to withdraw all my money
2) I had some points so I bought a $22 tournament ticket for the double deuce thinking I would be able to convert it to real money @ the usual 5% rate
3) I wasn't able to do this so had to play the tournament
4) I also don't like nlh and was bored so i decided to call, knowing he prob had aces but decided it would be funny if i sucked out on him. Sure if you're up against aces theres no better hand than 9 10 suited is there? Big Smile
5) I Kick Ass!

Sounds a lot more reasonable now. Blink

Sorry if i was a bit tough, but I would HATE it if I looked forward to a huge Tourney like that, sat down, and 10 min later I got my AA beat by a donk call.

by the way, I think the guy made a mistake goingall-in pre-flop with his AA anyway. Smile

HaHAHA if that´s what u call kick ass then i want u at my table lolololololololol Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar Dollar

Its kinda sad looking somebody playing like a douchebag getting lucky and then coming to the forum congratulating hymself for the really stupid play.
Iam tired to see people making this kind of moves getting lucky, its sick, sometimes makes me think that poker sites pre arranges this kind of stuff to see just more donks making stupid shoves.

Posted by midnight1954:
yes but what I find to be amusing is that I think that he is being sierious in his claim of good play, but perhaps I have missed the funny side , perhaps he is fishing for such replies, but I think he is the 1 that is being fished, and yes it irks when memories of busted aa come back even if the maths tell you the true story, I still remember 1 from over 3 years ago as clear as a bell on the final table of a 5k tourney , and yes aa cracked by 47 for the chip lead,, ah well kaysara sara,,,,,,,,,, I tried to find the author on scope but coyld not anyone find him,,??

Yes i think thats sure 4 that kick his ass Cool

im the kick ass master hahha

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