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Um, did i play these badly..lost all hope :(  0   
Arghhhhhhh!! Ok so i've played 3 mtt's today all of which i played on stars...

1.16.50$ 30k gtd - played kinda tight ( i like cashing in first tourny of the day Tongue ) doubled up a few times and min cashed, bleh.

2.11$ deep stack 10k...i pick up AA in the sb, btn raises to 3x (600/1.2) i reraise to just under 7x. BB folds, btn snap calls. I'm obviously a little worried by his snap but he had been playing lots of pots and calling lots of 3 bets pre. flop comes Td 6x 3x - he bet like 2.6k into the pot....i tank and then jam my remaining 12k in, he snap calls and turns over Kd 2d....sweeeeet right??..wrong..... diamond diamond fall on the turn riv...sick.

Not quite so bad..but still kinda awful..i think anyways..

3.8$ 12k gtd turbo

blinds 300/600 - i have around 14k at this point, a huge stack joins the table...nice!

I pick up KK mid+1, folded to me, i pop to just under 4x, folds to big stack villain in the sb he tanks then flat calls.BB folds.

Flop 8h Kh 4s - Not ideal but far from bloody bad for my hand..vill raises to 3/4 pot....i tank then jam...he snap calls and shows As 4h....yep, you got it, heart heart.

Im losing the will to live right now. Last night i played on 888 for the first time and have managed to bang my roll for the 8 dollars up to 53 through a variety of the 88c buyin 40mans with 10$+ for first and a little bit of plo cash Tongue Played 9 40 mans, placed in 8 and won 3, hu 5 times. So its not as if i play bad...or i think i dont..oh i dont know what to think right now > Sad(((((
Aww crap!

**** to make things worse i have posted this in the BRM part not the poker specific part of the forum...smooth. Sorry Admin Disagree

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Unfortunately you can't beat stupid!! And there is no way for you to avoid morons playing like an idiot and always looking for the suckout. Thats just the way it is..

It's pretty cruel to a certain Degree lol...

There must be a way lol! Had pretty lock-ish hands against them both...still got pwned. Disagree ( thanks for the lol Blink ) Nah i joke i joke, feeling a little better now after playing a short but sweet plo session :]]]]]

ps...dont want this to just sound like another bad bead story.. just amazed that people who play in 11 and 8 dollar tournies ( and higher stakes than that aswell obviously ), get pretty deep, and then play like that. I mean, do they go on to cash deep?! do they luckbox there way to victory?! ***

In Poker there is a phenomenon called Bad beat caused by variance. It just all in the game. Sometimes we profit and frequently we lose because of the variance in Poker. Cool

This sir is very true, unfortunately better players suck out more than bad players...makes sense really i guess!

Jokerstars at its best. A runner runner suckout allways hurts. Evil

But now you know, how that guy got his big stack. Blink

it is hard to win against bad players, both in ring and tourneys. its not fun to lose such pots but it is life, there will always be nuts on the tables. i know how it feels to lose but in the long run the nut players will lose.

I really do apologise for the people who have read this and feel like im just some whinging little girl.... i really, really, really want to work on my game. Im more than up for fronting cash but the thing that i want more than anything is to be able to work with people who could actually help my game.... urgh.. i dunno.....dozno1 , kristan, etc.....please take me under your more than dedicated :~( I am more than happy to sit and read for more than many many hours a a self employed elex....i want to learn, lots, and even more if poss....anyboy fancy le challlenge of teaching a vey much winnning ( ish ) player on becoming more consistent and profitable player? :E bad bad bad....i sound like such a donk right now but i just want some help......ive been reading the forums for months and have never had the bottle to post... > Sad

allways u ll need some luck and its really kill us then the stupid callers on turn and river gets flushes or straights and ull out with your 2 pairs or set Sad
but its online poker and that happens very offten here
good luck all

I had it yesterday on the bubble of a MTT, TheDom flops a straigth, allin allin, oponent had PP and hit runner runner quads Cool ByeBye TheDom Agree

It happens, these things cant tilt me anymore, just play next game Thumbs Up

That sucks man... Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
If you feel like this, stop playing for some time.It works!

I feel you man, make yourself into some kind of indestrucable un-tiltable uber monster. Gotta work on that i think Tongue

** on a side note all is good with the world came 3rd and 1st in 2 90 man sng's respectivly and got a ticket in the 26$ ticket frenzy, happy happy happy *dances*

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