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Hi I played this game in Omaha, three players was in this hand

I had 810 in pockets, (dont remember what the two other cards were, put they didnt effect in this game)

on board is 769J in turn, when one player raises all in before me, I call, and one player after me calls.

river is spade card, and the player # 3 won this by flush, (there wasnt three same country on turn, only 2, so what do you think of his call while two players before him went all in, I think it is terrible call, just very lucky 25% odds for him to win. The player 1 who originally raised all in before me, had also straight 7-J, like me. He was also cursing after this hand, hahaha.

I think he won around 80$ of this hand.

That depends on wht his cards were, If he is holding A K Q 10 (just 1 EG) he is betting on a nut str8, and a nut flush and even a str8 flush to a royal flush, so without seeing what he was betting with no one can say if its a good move or not by whom, for all I know he also had 8 10 but with flush draw.
In omaha your not just betting on 2 cards, the outher 2 have great power.
Also you need to consider stack sizes, just too many varibles to judge this hand with out a HH.
Beter luck net time.

If he had only his flush outs, it would have been a bad call. But he could have a set or two pair on top of his flush option.

It doesn't say how much all in is compared to pot, but it probably isn't a potbet. And when you just call he is close to having potodds
say pot is 100
all in maybe 75 (but can't be more than 100)
you call 75
pot 250 he calls 75(over your 25 percent but marginally)
omaha is a creepy game
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As mentioned before if he has naked fd its not that great a play but it sounds verrrry unlikely that he had just a naked draw. Probs had nut straight draw + fd + maybe top 2 etc. Need to see the actual hh to make a decent judgement. Omaha is a game where you need all 4 cards working for you and by the sounds of it you had 8T blank blank... he probs had a fd + wrap which wouldve crushed your straight if it'd come in anyway. Unlucky though chap, Omaha is tough if you cant take beats and or swongs.

unlike hold 'em, in omaha, there are several outs you may consider in winning pots... that is the reason why only few players were successful playing omaha... Smile

i have to agree with u that was a terrible call and some people dont look at the odds they just look at what they might win not what they will lose and thats is what makes poker so frustrating because people just will not fold a hand...thats why i cant pl;ay limit people will chase every hand every time

some players are just calling stations they just dont care what happens,keep on calling until they win or loose especially if they are in a str8 draw or a flush draw. Aww crap!

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