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Is it hard to reach the 500 points needed anyone know??
any recommendations on how to build points there without blowing your bankroll?
Thanks Danny

Generally the only strategy to reach the points if there is a date limit is risking your bankroll and being lucky, going up levels before you should do it. If there is no date limit, be patient. If someone knows any different trick, please share it with us Big Smile

As the poster above mentioned, you're going to have to commit a higher portion of your bankroll than you might usually if there is a time limit, which is going to increase your chances of going bust. I'm new here, but I assume that mob points are similar to rakeback. ** Usually for a pot to be raked it has to be over a certain size for example $0.40. So you have a few options. **

1. Multi-table rull ring, more hands but also more of your bankroll commited.

2. Play at a higher stake, so that you meet your threshold pot size more often.

- 6 max, more hands and somewhat more aggressive so larger pots.

- Heads up, lots of rake because pretty much all pots exceed the threshold. However this is probably the most risky option. The larger sites only offer down to 50NL so you would have to commit a very high portion, if not all of your bankroll.

All of those options are going to be risky. Personally I would play 6 max one stake higher than my roll allows even if that got me to 2500-3000 mob points. Heads up, or playing very high stakes would be very risky.

Anyway hope this helped, hope I got the whole mob point/rake idea right. Smile

From my experiance the deposit offers (5k mobpoints) are very easy to achive. (depending on what you play)
Cash games are the best (fastest) way to earn points.
The last few I have took have been compleated within a day or 2 playing nl25 FR x 2-4.
Just stick to bankrollmanagment so you dont bust yourself, and remember your playing for money, the bonus is just a extra treet.
TAG works well in low limit games.
Worth noteing, a normall deposit bonus would be released $10 for each 1000 points collectd...bankrollmob are givving $50 for 500, you cant go wrong with these offers.

I think it is good to play limit games (Omaha, Stud). Almost every hand is raked. Also HU and doble or nothing sng.

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