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Hello, I would like to use the last chance for claiming both two of these bonuses and I have a question how to claim it irght, because i dont want to blow it up.

So the right order is:
1) request my NDB offer?
2) Register, use bonus code, log in, send documents
3) Wait for approving and in the mean time ask for Gift Offer?

Am i right? Thanks for any anwer Smile

Yes you can do that, except you also have to make a deposit (at least $20) and earn 250 points to qualify for the gift.

1) Register at VC Poker, follow the instructions:

2) Request the no deposit bonus, also using the link above.

3) Either wait to recieve the NDB and then deposit or just go ahead and deposit $20 (or more, whatever you want), and the NDB will come when it has been processed.

4) Earn 250 and request the gift, here:

Worship Thanks a lot Worship

i still can't have the ndb admin; some country laws... but why do they allow our country in some other sites?

I didnt ask for it - it was a dumb question Big Smile

Edited by AbuDhabi (27 November 2010 @ 09:56 GMT)

well, maybe, it was a mistake. I didnt have experience with any Ipoker poker room and after this I think I dont think I want to try it anymore.. Big Smile

After only 15 SNG's I got so many suckouts, that i cant believe it Smile My bonus wasnt approved yet, i deposited 40 dollars and hope that I will get that gift Smile

I hope I will get used to their software and start to suckout opponents too Smile

Why noone is playing their beginners SnG's? Their 2 dollars sng with rake 0,40 cents are full and their Beginner's sng's with the rake only 0,10 dollars are ampty. Why? Smile I would like to play them...

I continue with my own small blogging here in this topic Big Smile

Today was very swingy for me. It started by really nice email where Bmob told me, that my VC gift offer was approved and my 5000 points are prepared on my account Smile Thanks Bmob! I really didnt expect it so fast - it lasted maybe less than a week.

Because I am ill now, i have a lot of time for playing poker in bed. So I started my VC classic session. But it turned a bit bad way. I couldnt win a single flip on 2 dollars turbo SnG's. Even if I had Ax and opponent A(smaller)X, i was like a flip and I lost it almost everytime Smile

I really think, that because of that gift, I was quite calm and didnt stress myself and I play my good game. But after some (10 in a row) lost SnG's, I was a bit tilted, and destroyed my chances in 2 next SnG's. I made a pause - I was back and I was in a good mood.

I didnt respect my Bankrollmanagement and moved to 5 dollars SnG's. I know it is not good, but I wouldnt play 1 dollars sng's with NDB offer when I have more money on other sites.

On my account there were last dollar and i had 3 tables started on my monitor. I somehow managed to win one of them and cash on two others nad I was back on 45. After that I played few more SnG's, cleared a part of my bonus, and now I have even +10 dollars against morning.

I know it is not much, but I am really glad, that I can play on VC next days. I am quite curious what Entraction will bring to the VC room Smile

On the end, I have to show last game f my todays session. It is quite characteristic for my todays play. But I have to say we got allin preflop so i was far behind.

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