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I received the free 20 Euro's at Unibet, and as usual I had great fun for about 24 hours until I had thrown it all away Big Smile But I have to tell you about the final hand that I lost my last 10 Euros on. 10/20 cents blinds. I'm in the big blind with 7 8 off suit, no one raises preflop, I check. Flop comes 3 7 7. Everbody checks. a 9 hits the turn, second position bets 20 cents, 3rd positions call and I call. Then a 8 hits the river, and I cheer! I Check again, second position bets 40 cents, 3rd raises to 1,20. Somebody must have hit a str8, or maybe a flush, as 3 diamonds now are on the table. Perfect. I raise to 2,40, second position folds, but 3rd position raises me so I have 2 go all in. So be it, he shows me 7 9, and game over Aww crap!

Oh well what can you do, has anyone here considered perhaps to try and build their bankroll by playing Sit n go's. maybe start of playing the smaller ones and build up to playing the bigger ones. Sitting down with 10 euros out of the 20 euro roll i would have to say is not one of the smartest things ive seen?

ouch i found unibet a bit whack myself you alwatys hit somet to find it loses on turn and river all the time and even if you follow poker codes that are in books and online they say get your chips in when your winning but at uni bet it will backfire not the best site in the world by far i wasn't a fan at all what you tihnk alot of bad beats on there also

i also recieved 20 free euros in my unibet account yesterday although my bankrollmob account still says awaiting payment. I was wondering if admin could shed some light as to whether the free 20 was from them or just a crazy deposit on behalf of unibet lol im not being greedy or anything was just curious. thanks Smile

mrslade...your last hand was very unlucky!

but why do you play on 10/20 cents blind tables??? with only 10 €?

Can't understand it!

It's quite better if you play real poker and play on 5/10 or so. If you've got enough money you can go on bigger tables!

Yeah, you definetely shouldn't move your money in until you've seen all 5 cards. Lost out in a couple of tourneys when somebody hit runners on turn and river. I did play many sit and go's, but lost my patience as it was all square after about 10 - 15 tourneys, but you're right Marco.

I feel if you go to the lower blinds, people tends to be more crazy, and I hate losing to terrible hands...

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