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nice story congrats Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Smile Smile Smile Smile

Hey congrats man awsome story..Goodluck with your wife and kid and may the future be kind to you my friend.

i had never seen this thread before it was really nice and well done even if its a year late lol GL

great thread..glad it poped back up as i have missed this. really touching story wish you and your fiance/wife now? the very best

Hi etna. great story. Nice to hear something positive from poker and BRM. I am looking for something similar. I wish to win a few quid also using BRM as a platform to fund my poker and with the useful info I get from BRM. If I could manage a Bankroll of about $5000.00 I would send my missus on holiday for 3 months and have a break myself...................

Oh what a dream....................

GL to all you mobsters...............

Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile

Great story Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Worship Worship

Thanks guys for the kind reply's. Soon i am going to live in philippines with my family. I just need the last papers done then ill be able to move. She is still my fionce, i told her i dont wanna go through all this and then everything mess up and my life would be ruined. So we are waiting untill we live together and the papers are fixed. I just got answer this month that here they will support me with early pension rest of my life because i have no life happiness left (Most feelings are gone) and few other things id like to keep personal. But i am trying to repair myself and follow my heart, i know what i want and im going for it. And soon i will accomplish my only mission.. To be with my family rest of my life Smile (thats what i hope for)

The picture is my very beautifull daughter, she is the main reason of my stomachache, cant wait to see her again Smile

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this has to be the most heart warming true storey i have ever read and seen ,
congrats and hope everythink is well in the end gl Smile

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Best wishes on your new adventure!
Congrats Etna!

Good job man, sometimes my depressions help me play good....

I mean, if im overly excited or super happy, I make to optimistic calls/bluffs

Like dokter House MD, lol , the series, that guy hated it when he became happy (because of the vicodin for his backpain) and wanted to get depressed again.

Because he was a better docter when he was depressed.

I am getting offtopic, Congrats for the winnings

I was looking for an old thread ....this is not the one but thourt this thread deserves to be brout back. To life.

Now I feel like watching a girl movie Blink Just kidding!!

Nice story tough, are the girls nice in the phillipines? Big Smile

Becuz of my depression i didnt go out, or talk to anybody. After a year of playing poker here i had around $2000 from poker on my neteller.

very nice

what a great post,first time ive seen it,always good to read good news,well done etna,by now youll have enough to take a family holiday.... Big Smile

Really awesome dude, the best of luck!

Just a bump for BRM best thread ever.... Agree

ETNA....... if you by chance see this resurrected post....perhaps you could pop along and tell us how its going and where you are all at now. WOuld be great to hear!!

Very happy to hear about an individual that did it all on his own then meets their partner in life while trying to find yourself. I'm sure you'll make an awsome couple with a child to share life with. Hope you can still play poker and visit BRM. Congratulations on finding a dream!

That's awesome, and I hope everything has worked out since the last post by etna.

I have bipolar as well and its a hell of a ride - to move to another country have wife and daughter and live life is a real challenge and it takes some balls to do so. Worship

May the gods if they exist be with you in your journey.

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