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How do you feel the hands were played?

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Well b1gfoot I have to say if your skills at reading the situation (particularly online I might add) are as good as you seem to claim, you should be playing live on TV against the pros. Knowing that the small blind in the last hand will fold to just double what he has already put in is a stroke of pure genius.

When I first read the last hand I thought wtf, how is he gonna explain this one. To your credit, when you explained I understood your logic although I'm not sure I would be so confident in my reading ability. You don't give us much information about the small blind but I guess it's entirely possible he is trying to steal assuming as you have that the late raiser is weak and in fact it would be quite likely if he was a good player.

But you cannot be certain by a long way and what if you were in his position, would you read the big blind re-raise as weak or strong. You don't say what his stack was, but what if he shoved with J 10. You could forgive him for putting you on AK or a pair of Qs. Against AK he has live cards and chips already committed plus fold equity. Or he can quite easily represent a pair of kings and force QQ into a hard lay down. You mentioned above that you you can quite easily get out of the hand if they shove, but you would actually have odds to call if you could put them on two over cards.

So maybe you are getting yourself into a sticky situation for no reason. You don't need to constantly win big hands or risky small hands, to be a winning player at nl100 even if it is exciting poker. I guess this is good poker to watch knowing everyones cards, seeing the bluffs and monster lay downs.

Posted by sirmitch888:
i think just normal played

Really? Maybe you should look again. If you think that shoving with 67o and re-re-raising with pocket 3s is normal play you should quit poker. Even B1gfoot acknowledges that this is not normal play.

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Haha, well thanks, but live Im a little to excited and give more tells then I could ever read, friends excluded, on line iv learnd to trust my judgment, the amount of times I said "i knew it" before trusting myself is obserd, ofcause I get it wrong at times.
I agree info was a little short, I had a lot more info to go on than what is posted.
Hmm put myself in his position..I think its a tricky bet and can look at it both ways and personally if I was him id be thinking either my hand can hold here or iv got to get out, I would not call so would be shove or fold expecting a showdown.
I think you hit the nail, I do play for the thrill, winning losing money is a bi-product, I find it very hard to sit and fold when I feel I can out play someone, and your right im creating some sticky situations, perhaps i will cut back a little, well in my tourn games anyhow, cash, I trust my HUD.
Thanks for all the comments guys.

Wow B1gfoot! Am I right in saying you play under a poker name of Isildur1????????? Your like a god at this game or something! I can't believe I haven't seen this thread before!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All in with KQo, he must know oponents very well to do that...

Posted by B1gfoot:
.... cash, I trust my HUD.
Thanks for all the comments guys.

Ok, NOW I get it!
Been reading this thread, and I tend to agree with doomdy and Kristan.
But now I understand why you might make a gutsy move like that.

I´m very close to getting the Holdem Manager soft via Everest with points, should be somewhere end of the month. I´m very curious to see where that HUD can take me...

It´ll take me a while to figure it all out, and I´ll probably have some questions about your setup and stuff. But we´ll see.

@doomdy and Kristan:
Do you guys use Holdem Manager?
And if so, what are your thoughts?

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