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BankrollMob Forum » Big Bet Poker » What company accepts $40 Withdraws

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  5-Jan-11, 21:08   #1
What company accepts $40 Withdraws 0 
Joined: Feb '10
Location: United States
Age: 60 (M)
Posts: 1
Big Bet going away. I'll miss the small Double-ups. About the only thing I win at.
Anyone with and idea of a good company for my 40$50 so I can move it to possibly Carbon. I do like the format at BBP.
Thanks BRM for the BBP start up, it's been fun.

ReelMan - Creekn

  6-Jan-11, 00:32   #2

Joined: May '09
Location: India
Age: 33 (M)
Posts: 4873
if u like format at BBP, then any site at merge would be a good option for you. but wud be best to move to carbon as they are the biggest site of the network, so lesser chances of closing or network shifting.

  6-Jan-11, 00:51   #3
Joined: Jan '09
Location: Philippines
Age: 37 (M)
Posts: 326

Me too I suggest carbon poker its almost the same. Im sad that the big bet poker room will close. I had not played on it for a while but i love the sites and its tourneys. I hope they'll be back . I hope...

Edited by sirmitch888 (06 January 2011 @ 00:55 GMT)

  6-Jan-11, 01:54   #4

Joined: Oct '10
Location: Netherlands Antilles
Age: 40 (F)
Posts: 89
Hi Reelman,

I see that you are from the US. In your case you need to check the available payout methods we have for US players. Current options are Quickcash, e-check and check by courier. The minimum varies between $100 and $300 though.

  6-Jan-11, 15:00   #5

Joined: Aug '08
Location: Germany
Age: 29 (M)
Posts: 174
did i understand it right that you tell your customer that your site is closing in one month( wich is btw a really short time) and if hes not able to build his roll to at least 100$ all of his money will be gone?

r u serious, its not his fault that your site is going down

you should lower your withdrawl ammounts imho so that EVERY player,no matter how much money they got on your site(even if its 1 dollar),is able to withdraw.

you force all of the lowstack players to play(and generate a lot of rake) to get their money back wich they deposited on your site because they trusted you(bigbet).

example: a player signed up in november 2010 and deposited 10$ via moneybookers to grind himself up over the next few month and one month later bigbet tells him that he got only a few weeks left to reach at least a br of 30$(100$ if youre american) or all of his own money+winnings are gone because the site is closing, unfortunally hes not able to deposit anymore to reach the 30$(100$ for americans) so he is forced to play over his limits and risk his money with bad br management just to get back what he deposited.With a little help from lady luck he will reach the ammount just in time and everything is ok,he got his money back+ a little win but without lady lucks help he will lose it all,not because he played bad or something, no only because you forced him to play over his limits.

if i really understanded it right every single one of you deserve a kick in the balls.

if not just ignore^^

ps. sorry for my poor english

BankrollMob Forum » Big Bet Poker » What company accepts $40 Withdraws

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