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Tower of Horror: have you ever been subject of arbitrariness by a poker room?

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The tower of madness..  0   
Had you ever the feeling, that the pokerroom abuses his position? I heard several stories, but I was always thinking, the players are complaining, but for sure, the Pokerroom has a reason to act as it acts....

But finally I was hit by such stupid, useless and arrogant decision by Towergaming, so I want to share it with you for your entertainment and to remind you:

We are always subject to the arbitrariness of any room, there is nothing to do against there decisions Smile be careful out there

I was for a long time a mtt/sng low roll grinder on bwin (skin) ongame (network), until the P5 software was implanted and I faced the worst pokersoftware of all skins. Therefore I stopped to play there.

Then I have been contacted by another skin to try ongame again, with nice bonus and rakeback (even that the network does not allow rakeback) , and I tried "Towergaming"..
it seems, the good times of Tower have been over, there is only the Boss Patrick left, the Manager Oliver and the Support lady Liane.. but I would not wonder if this 3 persons are all Patrick...
So I started again to grind MS SNG to build up a bankroll. The software still sucks, tables always frozen, server blackouts etc....

And I got another message from Tower: a new promo, who plays more hands cash within 24 hrs. gets 250$, perfect for me as a microstack player as 250$ is for sure not enough to attrack the sharks and real grinders and so it was a nice challenge for me, if I could play really 24 hours online ...

My strategy was simple: playing FR NL und SH FL .15/.30, (the lowest blinds that count towards to the promo and also:
"8. Headup Hands do not count to the promo"
that makes sense that nobody take a HU seat with a friend and creating hands by folding SB to BB and so no rake creating...

And who ever played ongame knows how few FL SH tables are running.

Start: 6 am, 24 hours, i set my clock and with 30 min delay I started to play like made...


about 9.200 hands , totally I made 2 hourse breaks, and between 4-6 am. next day, the ongame server was down, what a surprise. On the tables I did not see any other mad grinder, therefore only maybe some SH NL players could make more hands than me, with the Bonus I made 0 BB/hour..

So I have been very excited to see the final result, but of course it took time as ongame did not forward the hands to Tower, but finally, news on the Tower page:

We had a few participants this time around. Unfortunately they decided to play heads-up against each-other.. You cannot play heads up towards this promotion. I will remind players that unethical play for the benefit of a promotional pay-out is not acting within the spirit of the promotion.

Shock oh, maybe some players sit down on the sh table, not HU tables, but where playing HU and where folding there SB. I looked up my HoldemManager, I made totally 320 HU hands of this 9.200 , some HU hands you can never avoid on ongames FL SH tables, as SH there is 5max. and therefore always tables are broken down and new tables are set up. about 80 of my HU hands I did not see any flop, the rest I had hot action.

Therefore, if these 2 players are diqualified and when I have the most hands, I should be the winner, with my 9.200 - 320 HU, I wrote to the tower support, because in there NEWS they wrote: NO WINNER wtf, who ever made the most hands within the rules must get his reward. and who ever - if - made more hands than I earns really this small reward.

Answer from Patrick:
BUT - the reason why i disqualified you and the other player was that you and the other player were playing heads-up... for quite a while too.

Aww crap! Aww crap! I have been disqualified? What is going on there, and once I mentioned in their chat, that they should pay out to the winner of the promotion,I have been also chat banned.

Now I wanted to know it for sure:

Dear Mr. Patrick,

just a few questions so that this case can be closed:

1. a) You wrote:
"...The Terms and Conditions are very clear. In fact, the last term and condition on the page (the 8th one) is is ALL CAPITAL LETTERS and clearly states :NO HEADS UP PLAY"

or is it correct, that there is written: NO HEADS-UP PLAY WILL BE COUNTED TOWARDS THIS PROMOTION.

b) Please inform me, in which way anybody violates the conditions playing HU during the promotion period? Or is it simple like this, that HU hands do not count to the promotion?

2. Please inform me, at which time, place I ever told or claimed, I won this promotion?

I claimed very clear in the lobby chat and in the comments just one thing:
Please make this transparent, the participants, the hands, and who has been disqualified!!
and: Tower made a promotion and did not pay out the winner!
I never said, I am the winner! I just want to have justice for us players, does not matter who won, but who made the most hands, must be paid, simple like this ...
Hands played - HU hands played = promotion hand count
how many hands I have here, and the other player(s)

3. a) BTW, how many hands, I played HU against this mentioned player that I do not know, and how many hands have been folded here from SB to BB , so that these hands could be considered as abusive hand creating play?

And how many hands I have played total, so what is the relation about HU hands vs Total Hands

b) BTW, tecnical, please tell me, advise me how to play FL SH tables on your fantastic skin avoiding sometimes playing automaticly HU, as maybe you know, on Ongame, SH tables are 5 max, and there are running normally at FL .15/.30 1-3tables.

4. But there really interesting question is this: Have really only 2 (two) players participated at this promotion on you poker page?

Best regards


The funny answer:


Read all of the Terms and Conditions.

The most important one to note is: "Tower Gaming SA reserves the final decision on all prizes paid out if it is felt that the Player did not act within the spirit of the promotion."

You and another player played heads up for quite some time together. I reserve the right to disqualify any player that I feel are being dishonest in any way.

If the top 2 lost, I'm not giving 3rd place the money... might as well double it up for the next week. It's only $250, it's not that much money. I have no issue giving away such little money, but only to players who play honestly.

We're also monitoring IP addresses from Tower Nation. I will advise you to stop posting in Tower Nation.

As I mentioned, I have no problem being 110% transparent - but i didn't think you would want me to call you out - with your username and all - and tell everyone why you are such a dishonest player. I was trying to save you from a little embarssasment.

Promotions are fun giveaways, let's try and keep it that way. This promotion is every single week, by the way... so why would you risk being banned from Tower Gaming permanently?

Like I said, this is final... there's no arguing my decision.

If I see one more insult on Tower Nation, your account will be banned.

Aww crap! Aww crap!

HOW sick is that? TOC , I follow them, and I am disqualified , without any reason, just with the argument:
Tower has the Power of final Decisions... and even they think, if I do not shut up and I am not thankfull for there great skin, I will be banned... HELLO? Confused Confused

Therefore i was looking at google for Tower, and suprise I found some interesting warnings on other forums (2+2), where it is mentioned that they promise regulary Rakeback up to 80% wow, but do not pay it out ouch... they made sponorship with players for live turnaments, and do not pay the buyin as agreed and so on... strange stories...

so I decided to close my account, but even these last act shows how stupid and arbitrariness they are:

I sent a e-mail to the support with only the question: how i can close the tower acount ? (.. not please close my account...)
answer: (I would see, you guess and no more comment is necessary) Big Smile

Thank you for contacting Tower Gaming support.

Please be kindly advised that due to your request I have closed your Tower Gaming account. In case you would like to reopen it, please contact us informing about it. I hope this information helps you!

If you have questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.

Warm regards,

Wow, I see you are very tilted about this thing! This was longest post that I ever read Smile
Anyway thing that has happened to you is very bad... They give you offer, made you give them lot of rake and then disqualify everyone... If first and second have been disqualified they must give prize to you!
Try Betsafe on Ongame network. I play few months there and they have been OK so far.

That's a pretty sick disqualification. What reject c*nts, play somewhere else IMHO. Makes you wonder how you'd go cashing out a big sum if they pull this kind of crap for $250.

sick story aggro ... Sad
I have learned to google pokerroom before signing up not later.
I think the best gift you can give them is to post this story mentioning clearly TOWERGAMING Cool so that people googling it could read this story.

This is another stupid story about some pokerrrooms that act like they want with the players. The truth is we are just numbers for them.Small skins in the middle networks do everythingf they can (most of the times against the network rules) to gain more players and like that generate more rake.
I had a similar story in a boss media/ipn skin. But in that case the skin had very few players that they needed me to keep playing to generate more rake for them, bvut as soon as i knew that they where a scam i just stoped to play there, and now i only play in the big sites or if somebody very trusteable invites me. In other way better dont play cause we all know that nobody gives easy money, and if the poker sites are open just for fun they would never rake any hand.

Sick story, feel for u, but u cant do anything.
Thats why i never play at very small pokerrooms, no matter how big their promotion is.
Also i keep my roll on a room allways under 5K, rest is at my online bank.

Poker sites like this give the whole industry a bad rap, and give further ammunition to those who would like the internet poker industry to be controlled by their governments. The problem is that right now, when this kind of sh*t happens to you, where do you turn to? All you can do is publicize your problem to warn other poker players away. I have had similar problems with another small poker site, but have yet to have a problem with the bigger sites.

its took me about 5 minutes to read this and about 1 minute to understood all great post i think all will be good in future

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