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i just had to share this with the world.. the worst omaha player ever. im playing Omaha HiLo and im the small blind. i complete with 7 Heart A Club 6 Club J Heart up against a button limper and the BB.
Flop comes 5 Diamond J Spade 7 Club
i half pot bet with top two, BB calls and the button min raises me, me and BB call.
turn comes K Spade i check. BB min bets button calls, i believe they both have low draws and pot bet. they both call.
river then comes 10 Club still believing they both missed their low draw and being very short stacked now i push the rest of my chips in. (about 1/20th pot) and both call.

the brilliant part of this is the BB called me down with 8 high.. no i dont mean he had a low he had NOTHING he called me with the 2nd worst hand possible..
2 Club 3 Diamond 6 Spade 8 Spade . the only hand he could have beat was 2 3 4 6 lol.

lol, sounds like he just wanted to give u a late xmas present!

what site is this, i might try to play these donkeys!!!

OMG, i want in to that game, where are you playing??

this is at poker770. sadly i have not seen such bad play ever again, and i also realised he had the third, not the second worst hand, making the number of hands he could actually beat double, hahaha.

lol, well hey why not call with nothing to beat 2 hands lol. i use to play at poker770 i found the games their relatively easy to beat, how are you finding them?

when itcomes to omaha im not that good at it because i sorta get it but not that well i know its about the draw but still i will stick to holdem i think i do play in the freeroll omaha tho just to learn a bit more

hi all ive just started to play omaha but not sure what im doing i hit a full house and lost to a flush well to me thats how it looked where can i find the ruled and hands for this game i have won 4 games of it tho and thats without knowing 100%what im doing so im thinking if i learn th whole game propally im gonna be sh*t hot and a force to be recond with

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Maybe it was me playin drunk Big Smile

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