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sorry to bother, if I do. But I think discussing hand is a great way to improve his own game;
and there is also a little component of brag pushing me to write Big Smile

and the last reason I wrote about poker is that I am reading too many b******t threads in last days (please don't feed them). Blink

have to open another thread, beside the "hand discussion" one because in the meanwhile I was playiong another MTT and reached the final HU.

Opponent has been really aggressive during the whole final table and would like to know which would have been your move in this case

TOURNAMENT: "250€ GTD", buy-in: €3 Start hand: Fri Feb 11 09:20:31 CET 2011 (NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM)

Table: Table #7 (NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM 1500/3000, ante: 300, Chips)
Button: seat 2
Players in round: 2
Seat 2: hero (75332)
Seat 4: fracry (194668)
fracry posts ante 300
hero posts ante 300
hero posts small blind (1500)
fracry posts big blind (3000)
Dealing pocket cards
Dealing to maomaoleader: [2s, 2h]
maomaoleader raises 6000 to 7500
fracry raises 191368 to 194368 [all in]


thx in advance

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Probably i would fold. If he is really aggressive, you will catch him with better hands (or even premium) and it's a spectacular chance to double you up. With any hand villain had, you are in a coin flip with you 22. Your stack is not so short ... 7.500 chips commited against your stack of 75,332 don't worth the call. It's only my humble opinion ...

no doubt i would fold. You may be ahead as the cards show but actually the best you can hope is for him to have an overcard and another 2.
And as DaMessiah says you've got plenty of chips to play on

Fold. Best you can hope here is coin flip...and if it is not coin flip then "your in trouble" I hope you won than HU...

I wud fold here, ur flipping at best, also there is still room for play, if you were much shorter then offcourse fistpump.

Posted by jovicakralj:
Fold. Best you can hope here is coin flip...and if it is not coin flip then "your in trouble" I hope you won than HU...

yeah thats it. The best you can have here is a 50%. On the other hand you are really short after folding. I guess both wouldnt have been too wrong here.Probably i would have openshove right from the beginning to avoid hard situations Blink... but what do i know.
I mean lets have a look on the tournament you played, Heads up 250k guaranteed. That sounds like a really horny win even if you went in second (which we dont hope).
May we hear from you at some live events ? Blink

coin flip at best and after getting to where you wanted to be ya dont want to be calling for all tour chips with 22 v ultra aggressive player or not. easy fold for me,
hope ya won Smile

$250 not $250k hahahahaha Big Smile

Posted by Almonds:
$250 not $250k hahahahaha Big Smile

loool final HU in 250K grt and still asking what to do to friends'd be very funny

infact the reason I'm writing here is I'm so donk I made the opposite of what you all suggested: I called

here is what happened:

maomaoleader (hero) calls 67532 [all in]
--- Dealing flop [8c, 5s, Ts]
--- Dealing turn 9 of hearts
--- Dealing river 3 of hearts
Main pot: 150664 won by fracry (150664)
Rake taken: €0
Seat 2: maomaoleader (0), net: -75332, [2s, 2h] (PAIR TWO)
Seat 4: fracry (270000), net: +75332, [6h, 6s] (PAIR SIX)

my problem is I would need about 15 minutes to think about the move to do: and it is no assured I would do the right one Big Smile Big Smile

ty all for your replies

I will need your help in the future to get first Worship Worship Worship

Pckt 2's in that position and those stakes I would fold. Do the math what are your odds.

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