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I have seen a few discussions on lag and tag play on the forum and dont think I can add anything however I have not seen very much on the loose -pasiive or tight-passive styles which are to be found more often with beginners and less exspierienced players, as the better players know there is no one and only style of profitable poker play , more a mixture or combination of styles mixed and used in combination with other factors, starting hands,position,pot odds, exspected value,and more, this is the beauty or evil of poker it is an entity that has no one face and cann't easily be explained or mastered,, below is a description of L/P and T/P style , I post this more for players begining there poker carreers or those as am I still learning , I for one went through both of these playing styles during my first year playing poker much to my cost, now ,well lets just say I have learned a little..,

This is the category that a lot of you will know by the term “Fish”. This is a very weak category of player and over time they will be losing players. This type of player will play too many hands and then will continue to call bets even when the correct play would be to either fold or raise. This why they are sometimes also called “Calling Stations”.

These types of players rely on luck, and without it they are unlikely to have a good poker session. They will disregard (or just not be aware) of pot odds and will call down bets when they simply haven’t got the odds to do so.

This is why over time this category of player will be a losing player – after all, you can’t be lucky all the time!

This type of player knows what starting hands to play and what not to play, this means that they play very well before the flop. Where this type of player sometimes fails is that they don’t always protect their hands. They are more inclined to check and call rather than raise and that sometimes gives chasing players the correct odds to try and hit their draw.

The other real drawback to this style of play is that you can easily read the player. If they are betting it usually means they have a hand, very rarely will you see this type of player bluff.

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