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Hi all,

What's up with this poker site? Their web page is very lacking in the information

Is terminal poker different than normal poker? And what is this pool they talk


am sure someone will give you much better info, as far as I know its like rush on fulltilt,,??

It is supposed to be like rush at FTP. I guess they call it terminal since Full Tilt has made "rush poker" some sort of trademark,

The only difference between the two is that the last time I logged in on Terminal CCG, there wasn't one single other player in the whole cardroom... Confused Not much of a pool if you ask me.

i found some info on the site, but couldn't copy/paste. so here's a link:
looks like we'll have 2 wait another week Evil

To sum it up in 1 word 'AWFULL'.Been on site twice only me on it at 1st,then i think they felt sorry 4 me & threw on a crappy bot lol.Stick 2 what u know is my advice Big Smile

Card Club Games is a whack version of Rush Poker.

i say whack because the software is pretty laggy and as mentioned already there are just a few players online.

i dont know anything about the people behind CCG so i cant say how trustworthy they are, i personally would stick to the real rushpoker but if you want to give it a try i heard that they are looking for prop players right now and are willing to pay 85% rakeback.

i am not allowed to post a link but you should find it quickly if you google it. Smile

google can answer all you questions i never try it but seems its like rush on ft
but seems it wasnt very popular now so better play poker on poker sites but not waste time in card club Big Smile
good luck all and be happy

Thanks guys,

The risk to reward ratio definitely doesn't seem to be here. I just thought
it might be fun to try something different is all.

I'll pick out a different bonus.

I think the concept behind it is not bad, as I believe they are trying to put video poker terminals in bars and such all over the world and link them all via internet. That could lead to interesting poker hands vs. drunks about to pass out! Got the 5 euro free bankroll but so far no traffic, nada, zip, zero, rien, the glass is empty.

Perhaps as a community we should all sign for the no deposit
bonus and then play against each other?

I'm sure both BRM and CCG would appreciate the sudden spike
in players.

Can we co-ordinate something?

Posted by Pjot:
The only difference between the two is that the last time I logged in on Terminal CCG, there wasn't one single other player in the whole cardroom... Confused Not much of a pool if you ask me.

Thanks for the laugh +1 Big Smile

Maybe this week I will try this new pokerrroom, but it is true there is insufficient information about this new pokerroom. I hope this shall improve.

So, finally after a few weeks i got my 5€, but not anyone there 2 give it 2.
next day, tried again and there was someone there Shock , (could believe it, as if he knew i'd b there)
so got the chance 2 play and within a few minutes i knew i didnt like this(lay out, gamaplay etc.) so gave this guy my whole bankroll with an all-in and left, never 2 b seen there again Big Smile Cool immediately uninstalled software.
but good luck 2 anyone else who will give it a try Smile Thumbs Up Dollar

got an email offering me free $ 5 to play there ....but after reading this thread I think I am going to fold this one Cool

im not sure i tried to sign up and just to confusing removed it and gave up any info on this site ,would help seemed kinda sketchy to me so i got outta there dont like no understanding whats up .
is the terminal thing like some kind of rush poker it seemed that way when iread it Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

I requested this promotion on Saturday night and Just got my 5Euros this morning (Monday).
That's pretty quick turn around, thanks BRM.

There are 5 players on today, so I maybe giving it a shot.

Man I missed your free all in gift smaffie? I'm willing to accept all donations.

I'll try it out and let you all know.

The actual launch is 22-feb-11, so now there are more players!
I allready turned my 5 Euro into 80 Euro. So there's action if anyone wants to play.
I would like to here if anyone cashed out succesfully, please let me know.

Congrats, JazzyJeff. That's some good bankroll building.

Do you have any tips for this style of gameplay? I actually like this site
and would like to build my roll a little.

Any advice would be appreciated.

Hoping this works out too. Finally played against somebody yesterday, but it was heads up, and although I am usually a tough player when a tourney gets down to HU or 3-way, with cash not so much. He was ultra-aggressive, and after I doubled up against him his level of aggression became so high I decided to leave. Hopefully more players soon!

If that would works out ...
Rush poker with 60%+ at least rakeback...
Would be kinda nice thing IMO.

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