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Mahdorf is that your user name on CardClub Games as well?

As an update there were 25 players on this morning (11:30 EST). Also
I talked to their support depatment and they said they have a terminal network signing in 4-5 weeks
so there should be a player boost around then.

My user ID on CCG is JoeyMajik.

See you there.

Posted by EimsbushKing:
Card Club Games is a whack version of Rush Poker.

i say whack because the software is pretty laggy and as mentioned already there are just a few players online.

i dont know anything about the people behind CCG so i cant say how trustworthy they are, i personally would stick to the real rushpoker but if you want to give it a try i heard that they are looking for prop players right now and are willing to pay 85% rakeback.

i am not allowed to post a link but you should find it quickly if you google it. Smile

Hey Guys,
We know the people behind TerminalPoker - they are very trustworthy and was actually the people behind the Entraction Network long time ago.

They are doing a big launch today to get good liquidity of players, and are signing a number of large partners over the coming weeks.

So give them a chance and watch the site for the next couple of weeks. There would also be live terminals connected to the network for players in offline casino's to play, so there should be a very good fish-ratio and money to be made Smile

GL at the tables!


I will try the site this week for sure hopefully it is exciting like the other pokerrooms. I will deposit $10 and try it out. Good luck at the tables ! Smile

Tx Arithmajik, as it's rushpoker you get to see far more hands than usual, so while your shortstacked you can wait for a good hand. Offcourse when there aren't many players a lesser hand can be a good hand. When u have stack take advantage of the very agressive players who play almost every hand, there are a couple on that site. CU on the tables Smile

Hi Giomi6, your from Suriname ? I live in Holland but i am from Suriname. Nice to see Surinam players on pokersites. Hope i see u at the tables Cool

Edited by JazzyJeff (22 February 2011 @ 22:56 GMT)

Yesterday Terminal Poker was starting to get busy. With 5 euro free bankroll I finished at almost 17 so nice start! I thought it was fun and fast and worked decently well, with only one time where the software threw me out.

is it possible to cash out? Are there requirements before cashing out? sucg as required raked hands.
I can not see much information on their homepage.

U can see the requirments on bankrollmob: after playing 200 raked hands

official launce was yesterday i believe so traffic has picked up a lot

I've been talking with their support team and I really like the idea of integrating the terminals to the network.

They said one of the terminal networks will be online in 4 weeks or so. As of yesterday there
were 25ish players on.

So as expected it's picking up.

I'm looking forward to seeing how this new site fairs.

Only 8players online atm but the site really seems full of fish! Their going all in with ridiculous things like K5 and you're just constantly winning big pots. Built my 5euro to 15euro in a matter of 10minutes.

Greetings Leetk3zzer and welcome to Bank Roll Mob.

Glad you're enjoying the site and good to hear that you're finding it very profitable.
People are very aggressive there due to it being a rush poker style and I imagine
a lot of those people are playing with no Deposit bonuses.

Enjoy, let us know how you make out.

Question: Can you cash out any earnings?

For example, I built my 5euro to 28euro. Can I cash out 20euro leaving the remaining 8euro? (Since the 5euro bonus is still in my account technically). I know sites like Partypoker allow this!

That is true in general, as you mentioned, Party Poker is one of them. My guess is that you probably could as most allow it, but you never know for sure unless you read the terms and conditions of the offer. Just email the support (they respond pretty quick usually) and I'm sure you won't be the first to ask.

Let us know.

got the no depo played about 3 mins and was disgusted. it was bad enough that i didn't even want to play so i pissed it away in the slots, and i hate slots should give you some idea. plus don't even really like rush.

I was going to sign up for the no deposit bonus for this site but when i came up to the sign up page, it just didnt look proffesional at all... seems pretty fishy... and what site makes you put in your "MOBILE" phone number in for confirmation? What happens to the people without a damn mobile phone?

Tbh it never has players there, but the ones playing are people who are just donking off their free $5 and get annoyed with the software. Imagine it...

Random player signs up for free $5, gets annoyed with lack of players & software, goes all in with 3,7 because he's pissed off, loses and moves to next site... You pickup on these players and before you know it you've got a bankroll of $100 in a day..

Still waiting for my withdrawal of 20euros (about 16hours have passed). Also e-mailed them, no response which is pretty disgusting considering their low userbase, they must get hardly any e-mails!

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