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Hello all..... I just joined this forum and i take a lot at the number of players that belong to it that tell me that must treat all of there members great ...and i just played in my 1st freeroll today but was knocked very early by a hand that should not have going all in preflop they had Q-9os but then again thats poker play in a freeroll ....anyone else here from Ohio ? well gl to all on the felts ...and be safe in life

well I joined also today Gl fro booth

f**k safe,safe is no fun ! welcome to the forum,make the most of it, and the bankrolls and enjoy your time here. hope to see you here regularly Big Smile . good luck to you too buddy

Welcome new member! I've only been a member for about 5 weeks and there's a lot here on BRM besides freerolls remember. BRM has the latest poker news, the Mob Safe, Leadboard for the month and lot's of good mail to read. I'm sure your aware, but just take the time to enjoy BRM's site. It's not just about freerolls ya know!

Thanks BRM

hi new member try not to focus to much on the freerolls. use the forums an look at the bankrolls.
BRM has alot of good offers for its members.
as for losing against Q9/0 thats always gonna happen u will c some player plays some stupid hands preflop an beat u just stick with an eventually u will start to build up.
welcome and good luck

p0ck3tr0ck3ts19 Spade Club Heart Diamond

Not from OHI, but next door in INDI. Welcome! I've only been a member for a month and everyone has treated me great. Love the freerolls, news and the forum. Mobsafe is cool too! Work a lot so don't get to enjoy all the freerolls until the weekend, but BRM is the best! Good luck!


hello and welcome to our big familly off BRM hope u ll enjoy every minute there and have fun also post your big wins and sad bad beats with looses
good luck there and active read our posts and improve your poker skill Big Smile

Welcome to this forum and read much interesting topics as you can. Good luck on the Felt and post some awesome threads about poker in this forum. Blink

welcome and good luck to you on and off the felts.

bye the way do play the freerolls on Party Poker? I can not play on Party because of my country's eligibility. Why cai I then play on all other pokerrooms.!? Sad

Welcome to the friendliest Poker site on Internet blade!
This is our home, if you are nice, you can make it yours. Blink

Not from Ohio, but lived in the states years ago, Washington DC.
Loved the country, and have seen all of it.

Let´s hear from you, ok?

Welcome to the best poker forum on the internet. Look forward to all ya stories along the way.

welcome to our big familly and have fun there hope u ll have some brains and your post in future also be good like this one
good luck at the poker tables and hope u ll win some money paying poker
good luck all and have fun

Holla newbs Tongue Only kidding! Welcome to BRM, you guys are gonna like it here. check out the free brs, the freerolls, but more importantly this, the forum. Lots of people with a load of knowledge always willing to help. GL!

I just registered on my b-day and I love this site so much it's like a b-day gift Tongue Big Smile

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