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well had to happen thats me out of the top 200 only got 2.25 points so knew it wouldnt last long, only played 1 yesterday and ran deep as I have in a few but those big pots that make the difference between the final table or the rail just didnt come my way, you need more than a fair share of luck and a lot of time to get on this 200 I reckon and I wont have much time over the next week so hopefully I will get more luck, would be nice to get into that freeroll , with only 200 runners it will be fun, the top 20 is of interest with quiet a few new members ( with no english or no interest in posting) who must! be putting in a lot of time iether that or getting dam lucky, fooking bastards!!!,,lol,, the second table I was on yesterday had 7 yes 7 fooking Russians that was bad enough but the next table I got moved to had 3 Russians and 3 Romainians, now its hard to say who I dislike the most the Russians because there crazy and call for fun, or the Romainians because I seem to run into the cheeky gamblers of there tribe,, dont get me wrong am not racist I hate all natiionalities of online poker players that are not Scottish and catch haggis in there spare time,, this gives me a good excuse to have a rant at them, come on now you have to admit some of these Eastern European players are fooking idiots,lol,, and as for the Poles, ha dont get me started ! ah well you never know might still make the leader board but am not going to be holding my breath,,gl on the tables you all,,, apart from of course Russians,Romainians, Poles, and all you otherfookers,, long live FULLTILT/PARTY POKER for giving all these retrobates the chance to play poker with us,,,,hold on till I be sick in my pail

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LOL Midnight, i must agree with you though. I think i have genuinely only played against maybe 3/4 Russians that are actually decent players. The majority that cash in this are all in players who happen to hit with f all. Its bloody annoying, but I've managed to cash a few times and actually WON one, and I'm just outside the top 30 on the leaderboard!
Hope you start having more luck with the cards and get cashing on the Mob FR.

just want to wish u good luck and more happy deals for u then the rivers brings u win becouse u are real and very good brm user and i want to see in the final freeroll players who was active there post alot and every day have new stories to tell for us Smile
god luck users who still try to catch some points and claim place in the final tournament Big Smile

Sadly, I must agree.
It´s making me sick to no end to look around the table and see only Russians, Romanians, and Ukrainians.
They play for s**t, most get booted with crazy plays, but there´s always enough of them to stay alive with lucky bulls**t boards.
Yesterday I played for 4 1/2 hours, just to get 30 cents. F***** ridiculous.
They also seem to have the time to play ALL the freerolls, and it´s making me sick to no end.

I had hoped to stay on top of the leaderbaord as a regular Mobster, but I don´t think I can handle this anymore. It´s not Poker, not even close, and I play these freerolls in a very weird way just to escape the Donk play. NO FUN AT ALL !

It´s becoming a very sad Poker world out there, as I seem to be faced with the Eastern Europeans even on the $ SnG´s (which used to be fun), playing like idiots and getting lucky.
I still cash, but it´s just isn´t thinking man´s Poker anymore.
Might as well play the slots, it´s faster.

Very sad.

I agree Island, though you seem to have done quite well. Hope to catch you up soon Big Smile

yup,, wasteing yer time trying to bluff or play abc early got ta gamble sometimes, if you play abc sure maybe just maybe you will get enough chips to play your A game after the third break but usually abc poker just keeps you in and you look at the chiplead and your 50-70k behind ,lol,, but still got some time maybe we can win one, maybe


i think there should be a solid pointsystem, and that should not be the same as how much money you win. All the $100 freeroll winners will have the biggest chance to get top 20 in just a few games, if they just had the $100 win, and theres a few of those $100 freerolls wich makes it impossible to get in top 20 unless you play all the freerolls available and cash in most of them.
My idea would be to give place 1-20 same amount of points, and then 21-40 and then 41-60 and so on. I think this way there would be more of a competition and not TOO much points diffrence nomatter the amount of money they win

Example could be

Rank 1-20 gets 20 points
Rank 21- 40 gets 15 points
Rank 41-60 gets 10 points
Rank 61-80 gets 5 points

no? Tongue something like that

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fair point,,, or!,,, we could shoot all the russians ,,,, oops am only jesting remember

I can't count how many times I had trips off the nut only to lose to someone's rag cards when they catch a str or flush just chasing and chasing. And being it's a freeroll a big raise or all in doesn't work to push them because they call any way. So the other day I had a 63 on my first hand called a all in to someone with AQ and I won with pckt 3's lol, I guess that's how you gotta play sometimes. The Romanians are the worst friggin ignorant peeps I ever met at any site. Blink

yea but every 1 has there donks not just the ruskies was donked by a brit last night so there every where Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!

Dont cry and play show what you can . I think only this scoring system is very bad . I was two times 4th , one time 9th and two times on first twenty players and im on 54 position its stupid . Fish one time won fererroll for 100s and he is on first ten Aww crap! Sorry for my english

Posted by WojtasLbn84:
Dont cry and play show what you can . I think only this scoring system is very bad . I was two times 4th , one time 9th and two times on first twenty players and im on 54 position its stupid . Fish one time won fererroll for 100s and he is on first ten Aww crap! Sorry for my english

exactly, thats my point

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