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Sometimes, not so rarely to be honest, I see people betting something like: 1999, or 666 or other crap like this.
often, but maybe it is only a case, I noticed some of the repeated numbers of betting amount are also a board card: for example they bet 666 and there is a 6 on the flop or 1999 and a 9 on the flop.

What do you think about it?
Does this kind of bet makes you wonder more than an prdinary bet?
Do you think flop cards matching amount bet number are made to let you think about a set?
Do you ever bet like this? and why?

or do you think the same of me? (these are anly stupid bet amount?)

i think sometimes could just be a bet. some ppl may bet it to make u think about a set.
maybe to try an get u off the pot.
i dont personally do this.

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What is the problem with this? If they give good odds to other players, it is their fault. And if you don't like the amount, reraise a propper number.

sometimes i like to throw 777 but its more like a supersticious thing Tongue
I have seen those bets many times, and sometimes i really do think a little more. I dont know its probslly tactic to mess with your mind Smile

i see such amounts also and don't think it has something to do with flopped a set or making you believe they have made a set ... in my opinion it's more a kind of tactic to mess with your mind and let you doubt as etna told in previous answer .
when it happends at the table i am playing at it does makes me a bit nervous as i also believe it is a bit stupid and strange to do but i don't react on it and keep playing my game .

I don't see them much online but sometimes if you use the % of pot buttons some sites will give you an odd number of chips. I actually tend to see more odd bets in live play, which is even more odd cos you are limited to the physical chips you have. So for example the blinds are 200 400 and someone will raise to 1100. The other day I was playing a live cash game with blinds 10p and 10p and the standard raise was 35p more using one 10p and one 25p chip.

Sometimes it's annoying. Especially when you need to change your chips to make a call. But you find sometimes the extra one small blind in the raise does make the difference. It can be psychological and people see 1989 as weaker than 2000 when there really is little difference. It's the same as the classic .99 that shops use. And also sometimes if you put a really specific number it gives the impression that you've thought more about the size of the bet and it does make people think harder.

totally right. Its all PSYCOLOGICAL and see it really works,hours after the bets were made your still thinking about it. Big Smile Big Smile People will do anything to get you outta your zone man. Just recognize it and counter with ya own mind boggling stunts Smile

Doesn't Phil Laak practise this from time to time? Bet an amount that reminds of his holecards? Like 9600 $ if he has 96 and the nuts?

I'm quite sure I have seen it happen in some poker TV-show, and these people probably think that they are Phil Laak.

psychobabble,, the proponentts of this mystic art are doughnutz of the first degree, invariably they have nowt n wantu to think there is more to it, just raise or go all-in...

I've seen people do those sort of bets that reflect their hole cards... 5555 and they have pocket 5s etc.. However, when I do stupid bets like this - which isn't often - it's generally to tilt somebody into calling.

I have no problem with this kind of bets: I think they are stupid maybe cause I don't understand them. (so hope noone felt offended from me to say stupid bet.)

I know it is something psychological but didn't understand if they aim to make opponents call or fold.

Jess gave me an answer: he tries to make oppo call

Anyway if I should use them I would do with the purpose of make oppos fold: I mean if I have a really strong hand I would make a standard raise not to be noticed meanwhile If I have a hand that could be beaten I would show strenght this way.

I'd always wondered about them stupid size bets,then it hit me a couple of wks ago.If there confusing me & im callin them stupid,they must be doin what the raiser was hoping...The dirty,crafty bastards lol Confused

i use the bet patterns at stars sometimes.. i configured them like 40% 60% 80%..
the bet amount looks strange if i use this buttons, but if i slide pokerbook betsize or use this.. main thing is: chips are going into the pot.. my pot Blink

i never bet like this i love normal structure halpf pot or just pot or standart BB x some number (2-6)
i saw not more bidders like u say but never saw some stranges if he bets 666 he never had set off 6 or over combine not let me to think that he has the card in hand the same as on the board i think they do that for fun and also have some they lucky bids off rise and they allways use them Big Smile
good luck all and have fun

Sometimes I use stupid bet amounts as a fake bluff, especially if I have the nuts and I think the other player is very strong. I hope he will read it as a bluff and shove. Sometimes if the board has paired, say two sixes are on the board, you will see somebody put that amount prominently in their bet (in this instance, maybe a bet of $6) to try and signify that they have trips and you best back off. Whether or not they have it is a different thing altogether.

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