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I do not agree with the new system of ftpoint of ftp

Though there is logical mas that is rewarded to the one that has put mas money in the boat, the system always was different, and all the rooms of poker support it

That think you?

Not sure I exactly understand your English there - and I don't play on FTP.

But if you're saying the points system has gone from Dealt to Contributed - I prefer the contributed system by far !

I don't get it, me too. I knows that FTP is one of the biggest raked back.... and FTP Points are ok, especialy if you play Rush Poker.

Let me understand something more please: which is the rake system on fulltilt now?

Dealt rake or contributed rake?

Did it changed lately?

Thx in advance Worship Worship

IF U DONT add to the pot u shouldnt get points i think so contribute for me allso Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up Thumbs Up

yeah its been like this for awhile it just rewards players better who put money in to the pot for rake
ipoker started this off and now full tilt are following the same same system,
i use to love playing on ipoker getting loads of rake and action points till they change it a few years ago so i moved to full tilt then they change there system of getting points,
in the long run its better if you play plenty of pots no good for tight players thou,
the system is to get players playing more hands to get rewards,
hope this helps and see you for new posts Smile

FTP has changed from a dealt rake to a contributed rake. Rush poker probably facilitated this change. On a dealt system, a player could generate a lot of points by just folding, but now they must contribute to to pot to earn points. In regular cash games, if a player plays long enough @ that table, he will be rewarded with bonus points once a certain rake has been generated. I think it's 10 bonus points split between the number of players seated at the time.

all poker sites want to have more poker players on them poker site and to spent the less money the points system is not bad at the ft site and also rakeback system is quite good but i dislike ft room becouse they allways deal to me good hands but allways i loose with them to bad beats Sad
good luck all and have fun Tongue

Exactly! Rush has changed the FT to contributed. I don't know a lot about being a good poker player, but Rush has changed FT.

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