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Hi all,

I was just wondering if the Rummy Royal $5 no deposit bonus offfer
is still available through BankRollMob. I've signed up, downloaded the software
and I was going to enter the code when I noticed the site was offering the same
deal under a different code.

I thought BRM was using cookies to track signees and figured the codes should be the

Thanks for the clarification.

good luck if u find some people who will play against u
1 year agao i also try this got my bonus and loose all the money in 2 days Big Smile
2 days becouse u can play only few games andmust wait long time for the opponent Sad
good luck all and have fun

Not to sound to ignorant, but what exactly is the Rummy Royal? Is this a rummy freeroll or buyin through BRM?

Rummy Royal isn't the busiest site but there is some traffic between 5:00 to 20:00 EST. They had some fantastic bonus offers around Christmas time when I signed up. Through the process of clearing the bonuses I learned how to play decently, and usually that's where I start my day - as a tune-up for poker. GL!

Greenmohave - RummyRoyal is an online gaming site dedicated to playing cash Rummy and Rummy variants. The rules are simple, but the stratagy is large.

Thanks for the input guys, just as an update the offer is still valid I just finished signing up and got my $5. Any tips on how to make it grow?

Does anyone have any links or book recommendations that talk about the math and strategies of this game? I'm completely new.

See you at the tables perhaps.

Posted by Arithmajik:
Any tips on how to make it grow? Does anyone have any links or book recommendations that talk about the math and strategies of this game? I'm completely new.

I played this game with my brother when we were kids, but even though my wife thinks I am a big kid it's been a while! I looked for strategy guidelines as well, and did not find any. My suggestion is play at the practice table until you are able to track your opponents draw and discarded cards without having to break a sweat. Kind of like 7stud, where if say you are drawing to a flush, you want to track how many of that suit have already appeared on the board in your opponent's hands, in order to determine your odds of completing the flush. If you need 7h to complete 6h-8h, and you have noticed that one or both of the 7h have already gone by, those cards should be discarded. Similarly if your opponent has picked up Js, you will want to be careful about discarding other jacks or spades close in face value to the jack, unless you see him discard the Js. Just like in poker, with the information available you are trying to evaluate where your opponent is in trying to complete their hand.

Thanks for the advice, like you said I will stick to the free money tables and freerolls until I get the hang of it.

If I do happen to come across some statistical data or strategy I'll be sure to let you all know.

Thanks again.

I found a book that touches on Rummy strategy. It's the only one I've found so far so I hope it proves useful.

I haven't even played for money yet as I'm still loosing in the play money section. Also these games are a huge time sink, are there faster versions?


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