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hi i just downloaded party poker.
everytime i login it closes itself an gives me a feedback form. has any1 else had this problem?
Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
any ideas on how to fix it please let me know

thanks in advance Worship

also when i go to fill out the feedback for that closes

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Hey,i had a lot of problems with PartyPoker software... i cant recall on this onem but here is 2 thing that i advise you to do(this is for XPwindows,if you have something else it can be reason that you have downloaded wrong version or PP):
1.) Play online flash version of PartyPoker at PP website.
2.) Uninstall PartyPoker, delete all folders about partypoker, delete your cookies and internet history,then download it again from Bankrollmob link.
[i feel like you tryed that already but anyway... Thumbs Up good luck ]

and oh yea.... 9 Heart 5 Heart always >>>>> A Club A Spade

The second option listed by DankoMajstor would be the better thing to try. Option(1) is more of a "band-aid" solution - as it doesn't actually address the root problem you're experiencing..And playing for any decent size stakes via FLASH is not really a wise idea - certainly not something to make a habit of...

Also - I would imagine you're about a MILLION times better off asking a question like this on either a PP forum - or better yet - talk to PP tech support.. I'm sure they could assist you.

^ actually I lost yesterday KK vs 68s at a cash table and paid off the worst fish in the history of poker on party, so that's pretty accurate Smile)

I receive a feedback form every time I login although I didn't disconnected unproperly last time I went off so ... yeah Smile) there's something wrong with that software.

Try uninstalling and reinstalling but don't play the flash version because it doesn't save any hand histories and you will need them sooner or later. Make sure it's the right version downloaded from their .com site.

I do the link from brm and all was ok. Bonus too. Dollar

i have the same problem..

think i might just give up with party poker.
is it worth being bothered about?

I was having that problem the last 3 days. But i keep atemting to log in an at the end allways can go in!

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