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I appreciate that bankroll are running these tournies for players but they are turning into absolute total donkfests and where have all the russian,romanian players come from??i never hear from them on the forums.
Even though they are freerolls u dont expect the standard to be so bad but its actually worse than the normal freerolls u see people playing.
I play with a cpl forums and 1of the other forums has two $300 freerolls every week and they pay top 10,1st place $120 down to 10th place gets $10 on absolute poker and u/b,theres only about 70 players and the max players is 1000 but theres never even 100 and u need to have earned points on the forum to register to play,30 points to register,the setup is so much better than these total donkfests and bankroll should do something about this and try reward their people that are on the forums daily and keep it running instead of just giving any1 the password to play that dont even bother coming on the forum!anyway gl to those that are playing them Thumbs Up

Good 1. I know of another site where you HAVE to participate daily. The password is then sent to you in a personal message or email, not placed on the site for all to see. But we hear about this daily, nothing changes... Worship Aww crap! Worship Thumbs Up Worship

reason you dont see much of russian and romanian players in forum is that BRM has lots of members and not all of them are interested in forums, and being english only its a problem for some of them
and thats why so many people in the freeroll ( besides pw leakage Sad )
as for points for registration, mobpoints already pay and to make games restricted only for forum members wud be unfair to other members.
as for standard of play and payout, its fulltilt and so many players wht else can u expect.
try party's freerolls i;m sure it'll be better than ft

These freerolls are not private but public freerolls, every BRM member can participate in these freerolls. Just have fun at the tables.

Can't disagree with some of the comments, but Supernoob also makes a point. I just got frustrated and replied to a couple threads from 2 U.S. players that posted a thread since they made the $1K game. It's true about the donkfest that's why I register late a lotta times to bypass some of the allin bullpoopy, but Ive only been playing for about 4 months. Anything is practice for me I guess, but support BRM implementing a new method to prevent pw leaks. Just wanted to support ya!

free roll = donkfest and its free so why complain play or not but all the crying about it why do it Confused Confused Confused

Kind of wondering where all the Russians, Ukranians and Romanians are coming from as well.
But then I´ve never played a freeroll on Full Tilt before this promo, only buy-in games.
Maybe they´ve been on for a while?
Or maybe something has opened up for those countries?

Anybody know?

yep, been wondering the same about the no. of russian,romanian and ukrainian players online..they're A LOT.. i mean, i was seated with 7 russians and an american one time playing at tilt's freeroll the other day.

sound's like a start of a bad joke...7 russians, an american and a filipino went in to a bar......... Big Smile

so if only brm members played this kind off tournaments it will be more easier to play but we have more peoples who didnt know nothing about this site so they playing very strange and donks every hands also we have some users who playing bingo poker so we cant stop them from doing it also u must remember that it was freeroll and inn every freeroll u can meat about 20 -40 % plyers who playing all in with strange and poor hands Smile
dont worry about donks and hope u ll beat them and earn your points Big Smile
good luck and have fun Tongue

Posted by flexibleeric:
been wondering the same about the no. of russian,romanian and ukrainian players online..they're A LOT..

That's just me multiaccounting....

Also using the opportunity that this thread is also about Russians I will answer the question that I was asked in another thread (which is now locked).
Posted by sergey2:
To the foul dancer of egg disturb
English analogy
a bad workman always blames his tools.

Posted by Pjot:
I can't stop thinking of this to the foul dancer of egg disturb... It's almost hypnotic. I understand the analogy, with the worker and the tools, but I just can't convert the egg into that.
It must be some russian expression that the translation program got all wrong? Could it be something like A bad cook blames the eggs? No, it's too far from it.
I wish we had signatures... Smile
Edit: Schmoyster, do you think you could solve this enigma?

Freely translated: "The bad dancer blames his balls (testicles) when he trips."

In Russian testicles and eggs is the same word.

Read more:

Edited by schmoyster (02 March 2011 @ 18:19 GMT)

Heh why people are complaining about bad players on Freerolls...
They are created moslty for bad players without a cash.
Good players have cash.
Also don't be racist it's not nice.

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