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Good or Bad thread ?

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Posted by BeMyATMplz:
No site online is totally 100% random,so if you take if that way every site is "rigged".
However,the most obvious ones are Ongame sites,Entraction Sites and Stars (Stars becomes "real" stat wise in the long run,but they do obviously favour specific players in specific tourneys,meaning everyone will get "favoured" in the long run once,you could also call that the "hot/cold seat system" Big Smile).

I remember some time ago there was a thread on 2+2 proving ongame is rigged after an analyze of about 120 million hands that were played there,I will post the link should I ever find it again.

here's the link (I hope its allowed to post links here):
** LINK REMOVED BY ADMIN - other site is advertising poker/casino bonuses **

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Posted by iiiml0sto1:
Still read the thread.. you obivsly dident..

And when you read it i dont recommend flatcalling ?
And theres many ways to play preflop depending on youre opponent, if you were that good you should know aboudt that ?

I dont think so

... All of them are trying to log the keyboard activity and putting "alien"-code into the system when closing them. ...

Just to keep a fair sportsmanship alive - I got some hints from some mods in another forum, concerning the keylogging features of the programs I mentioned. Here is the reply:

"I'd never used this program before, but since it had a trial period available, I downloaded it.

Sure enough, Full Tilt throws a warning while Pokerstars doesn't (based on the default settings). Out of curiosity, I changed the security levels to make sure the program alerted me whenever it saw a "problem".

Two first-person-shooter games I play also threw keylogger warnings. I think it's just the way certain programs tie into Windows to read user responses. I don't see it as anything to be nervous about."

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