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going deep in FTP tourney $ freeroll, currently 1 out of 49. 7500 entrants plays the top 45

update 1st /41

* 1/22
* 1/19 on break worried that I will run out of time, about 20 minutes before I have to pick daughter up from school

raised with A 9 flop 665
I checked he went all in / called he has 78 turn he hits 8
river 9.
frusterated I shove remaining chips in get called by AJ and outed.
ah well. got some tourney $ out of it

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i were gonna wish you luck but your not in the tourney now oh well better luck next time,
also make sure you have time to play a tourney next time Blink

how much did you end up winning ??

2.25 in tourney dollars. Would of needed final table to get 4.50, 1st was 18.00

I Just found out about this tourney dollar freeroll, I stumbled across it under the live events tab checking into the oynx thing. One of these days I will put together some sort of freeroll schedule for fulltilt. Unfortunately US players cannot play on party poker as far as I know or I would like to play those also.

which placed u been outed?ii mean finish

gudluck for the lots of next time,,i was out on that tourney at 900placer as i was all in and being mucked..if i was not on hurry i might wont all in it ,,,i was had A 9 but no luck lol,

As long as you placed and more so had fun playing the game. Better luck next time. Did you pick your daughter up on time? lol, In same situation, work and have to pick my son up. Have a good one!

Nice going on your win, and GL in your future endeavors. Speaking of the onyx thing, does anyone know what the qualifyers will be starting at? Confused

I´m going to spoil the party, but why why why...?

A 665 flop
You are holding A9
He goes all-in
You call ! Shock Shock

You had absolutely nothing except an A, totally worthless on a 665 flop.

You were getting SO close.
Sorry, I don´t get it. Confused Why?

Ok, maybe you had to get out to pick up your daughter.
But maybe better to leave it and let yourself get blinded out, no?
My electricity went out once with 15 runners left, for 20 min.!
When I could log back in, we were at the final table.
Just a thought.


I must agree with that Confused

I guess it to late to wish you luck for that particular tournament, but good luck on the next one, and all games you play (that aren't against me of course).

That's an unfortunate put out, you'll get em next time.

well done with that finish and you got yourself nice tourney dollars for that but gotta agree bad call with that A9 but maybe it was cos u were in hurry.
and gl with ur next games hope u made to that first spot and grab tht 18 tourney $$

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