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Hey, I won a ticket for the 2nd round of the Onyx cup.

Is there going to be more than one 2nd round qualifier?

Basically, I want to know if I should bother trying to win another ticket.


EDIT : I see it is ran weekly... however, you think I would be able to use a ticket won this week on the qualifier NEXT week?

Thanks again

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Hi d44ve. I also have a ticket for the 2nd round - so see you there. Do you think this is a bit of a long-shot tho? There is already 2662 entrants, as I type, I expect there to be about 15000 by the time it comes? Also have you noticed how some idiots go all-in for at least 4 hands, if they last that long, I expect we will find some of these idiots will play this way in the second round, s perhaps 2562 will knock themselves out and we will qualify? Ha Ha - Gl anyway. Big Smile

Definately a long shot.....If you make it through round 2, there's still round 3 full of people who did the same thing you did! I'm already registered for this sunday's round 2, and have another ticket already! Let's fill the tournies with Mobsters!!!! Cool Cool Cool

I missed by 12 so far but the final free FR is May 1 at 3:15 EST. So giving 100 seats away with each RD 2 FR there will be a large field in that final FR and then they don't say how many winners are chosen from that can't be but 1 or 2 with such large buyins for all the events. Plus I was reading that this series will interfere the EPT being held in Spain the sametime the Onyx Cup starts in Vegas. So the EPT draws many well known pros that now will have to decide where they are playing. You know FT pros will be in Vegas and PS in Spain and the rest is up in the air. I don't know pro or not but FT is throwing some real high stakes out there and a lot of pros are scuffing at the buyins 100,000 to 300,000 for 5 events and the last one with a buyin of 250,000. I mean to me is this going to poker or just millionaires throwing around their cash so to me it won't say who the best poker player is. Plus how many people really want to watch more millionaires then pros throwing this kind of money around during this recession for most folks, IMO I just think it's way too much money there has to be a limit damn paying 10,000+ to buyin for the WSOP is a lot and this well it's just crazy to me. Confused

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