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Hello my name is David i 'm from Poland and i 'm a new user of this website and i have got a few question . Is it possibile to exhaust free bank roll limit for my country?? . All bank rolls no deposit in this site are under anavalaible for me why ? I need cash for poker so how i can get money using this site .
Mob points ? So how i can get poits . I think that 100$ will be perfect for SnG 1$ and mtt 0.10-1$ . I need 10 000 Mob points to exchange it for cash , is it possible to do so a lot of points ?
Sorry for a lots of errors in my sentence .

Take care all : )


Hello David and Welcome to this forum.
Just check out the several offers under Bankroll.
I think there you will find if they are availabe to you / your country.

MIGO14 thanks for reply , i checked my account and i found 3 no deposit bonus , but...
I can't use 2 bonuses becouse i have accounts on this rooms , The third no deposit bonus is in Celeb Poker ofcourse i will use this bonus but before i have question , how much time i will be wait for free 9 $ ? Someone is playing on this rooms , please tell me something about mtt and SnG .


Usually 3-5 days. Keep checking your account both here and at Celebpoker. Strange that you post new user almost a year after joining. Welcome and good luck. If you a BR on FTP, we have a mobster only tourney on Sunday night. Look for the thread about the "Mobster Mania". Good luck on and off the felts... Worship

No problem, your are welcome.
Sorry, but I don´t have an account with CelebPoker so I cannot help you with their bonus conditions or regarding MTT and SnG.

BMWman i created my account in july last year but I never wrote in forum Smile It is my firts topic Big Smile .
I don't have money in my FTP account but when i will be have free money i should cash in . Where i can find ,,Mobster Mania'' ? Is it tournaments ?

If i had account in some poker room can i play in freenrolls with password with bankrollmob ?

Welcome to the best site / forum there is my friend. I see you're questions have already been answered. You will find a lot of good informationthroughout the site /forum along with some very unique individuals. Good Luck and Good Day!

Dawid, there is a thread here called "Mobster Mania" created by me. If you click on my name, at bottom of profile you will a list of posts i've made, and posts that I created. Just so you know, it is my understanding that you can ONLY cash in mob points to sites where you got a free bankroll from BRM. Good luck...

I am embarased :/ my country is banned in all no deposit bonus Aww crap! Aww crap! , it is some awesome...
So i have only one chance for free bankroll i have to get more Mob Points , is it any limit getting points per day ? hmmmmmm... Maybe i should do bankroll for play money and after sell chips but i dont know any website which still is buying chips..
Maybe You dear users are know some recomended website? Blink

Keep posting new threads and u will have that 10.000 points soon. Dollar

Sure Thumbs Up I will be active on forum , but i am curious is it any limit to getting mob points / per day .

Welcome to this forum Dawid Smile
I hope u enjoy it, and the best thing to do is read all the info on the site.
All the answers to your questions u"ll find there.
If you have questions about poker u can read are ask on the forum.
And being active on the forum is fun, you can learn( pokerstuff) and earn points
while doing so Smile
So welcome and keep posting Thumbs Up Big Smile

Hello Guys,

I am Gabor from the Hungarian capital. I am happy to find this site two weeks ago.
I am fighting on Play Aces (Merge) it's not quite easy sometimes...
Had some fun in the late phase of Party tourneys and had an FT bubble.
We are also banned from Celeb promotion but hope to have lot of fun and more points. Cool Big Smile
GL all!

welcome to BRM i hope you enjoy ur stay and take advantage of the many bonuses BRM offers good luck and have fun

Posted by Dawid327:
Sure Thumbs Up I will be active on forum , but i am curious is it any limit to getting mob points / per day .

This is how things work:
You get 10 points for every post (5 for off topic)
You must have 100 characters (I think) to be paid. You will be paid for 5 max posts. So making posts you can earn maximum of 50 point a day.
You also can make reviews for sites. For that you will get 25 points. (review must have 500 characters and you cant copy some from internet because admin will ban you if you do that)
Also you get 50 points for every refferal and aditional points when they complete NDB sign up.

So my friend, to get 10 000 points you will have to forget about them. You will have to love this site and post because you like that. If you post only for points ypu will be bored to death since you will need 6 MONTHS of everyday posting to get 10 000 mob points! You will quit soon if you dont like to make posts. Also, people here will hate you for dumb posts and you wont have any respect here!

You can see how many posts I have made until now. Well, few days ago I earned my first 5 000 points so you can see how hard is that! But, Im not posting because of points here and thats why I managed to collect those points...

hey you. check it out, sit down and watch dozn01 beeing in his one-man-show here Big Smile thatßs really intresting, some of us are doing that for months Big Smile

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