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I am confused, and since you guys appear far more experienced (as I am low pair), please lend me some advice. I registered with BRM, and what smashing offes they do provide. I myself signed up for the the Party Poker offer although it appears that I can't participate in any of their freerolls because I do not have an active real money acount. Now..... It keeps telling me that I have to activate my real money account before I can participate in their freerolls.

Activating the account seems to mean making a deposit which I don't mind and probably will do at some point for their deposit bonus, however I can't understand how BRM can provide me with a 'no deposit' bonus into an account that isn't active until it has been deposited into by me.

Could fellow participants of this offer tell me if there is something that I am missing?

Kind Regards

Joe Cool

As i remember, please do check BRM sign up details too, after you have a registerd account you have to activate real money account in real money account menu, by filling up your personal data. Just enter real money menu and follow instructions provided inside the menu. PLEASE Do check Party Poker BRM sign up instructions because there may be some code or something that you have to enter somewhere. I have not made my account there through BRM so i dont know what procedure look like maybe you have to email instructions, really dont know.

Finally Party Poker bankroll page loaded it says that you have to enter code MOB, if you already did do that, then just fill in remaining info and if you bump into some field requesting promo code or something like that enter MOB.

Thank for you time and help. I followed the instruction from BRM and have entered the code. Although, it won't let me create an account without depositing. It won't matter if it won't work there are other good offers here it was just the principle and hassle of the first one I tried, I hope. Thumbs Up

As I see other people post, that offer is valid, unless its forbidden in your country, i see mine is although PP allows players from Croatia. I dont get it did it let you activate account or not. If you can access real money account then you did it and just wait for money couple of days. If you keep getting that activate account screen than you did not. It is not instantly deposited onto your account. If you have not activated account i could tell you how, it was possible before dont know if its still like that.

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