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WSOP Daily Poker Question  0   
World Series of Poker (WSOP)
Situation: Satellite to $1K buy in NLHE Event # 8 at the 2011 WSOP. 4 left & top 3 get a seat.
Chip stacks:

UTG - $220K
Puck - $122K
...SB (You) - $146K
BB - $71K

Blinds / Antes: $5K / $10K / $1K

Your Hand: 5s5h

Action: Folded to you.

Do you:

A) Limp & call if BB goes all in
B) Limp & fold if BB goes all in
C) Limp to see a flop and fold if you don’t hit your set
D) Raise – how much
E) Fold
F) All in

Hmmmmmm, I like this question. So have at er, what would you do in this situation?

It is not a good idea to try to actually play that hand, as we are out of position and the stacks are so low. So it is push or fold. But i don't know what is better here.

Hm, because of the fact that there is only one place to go to make it in the money, Iguess I would have fold here, because I have the second largest stack.
So there is time to wait for a better hand I guess.

Probably not the best choice, but I chose "C". I would limp in to see the flop. I would may fold based on what happens prior to turn. Any big raise and I fold if I don't hit trips. Good Luck to All.

I would fold probably depending on the lead up to the hand. If the big blind is likely to call with any picture card then the best bet is to fold. I mean you're just in front against most hands but if you lose half your stack then you're putting yourself in the firing line. If the big blind is very tight I would shove to try and put pressure on them but I wouldn't want a call here even from A2. Bubble play is hard in these situations cos someone has to take the risk to knock the short stack out.

It is hard question we need to know a bit info about BB I think it is good to move all in or fold but there is no point off limping .. It will be definitely coin flip if he will call our all in. and if u loose this coin u wont get ticket because your stack would be 50k.. So my choice would be fold if BB is aggressive and push if bb is very tight ..

There's definitely only two options here, i would choose to fold, i don't want a coinflip in this situation and then be the short stack. Not much hands you are dominating. Yup, thats it - Fold! Club

Fold is obvious here.
Limp is out of question. That is just bad play. If you raise you commit yourself calling all in and you can only hope for coin flip and you dont wont coin flips there. If you lose...well you will probably be bubble boy.

I would go all in!!! It is not very possible that he can call that! And in case he really calls u have a good chance to win against two overs!

At first I thought push, but then after reading the stacks, I would raise, and feel the action out from that point on. Cool

In a regular MTT with a steep payout its a no brainer allin, but its a satelite 4 people left 3 places get paid with a nice ticket. I wud fold here.

Raising is pointless as the pot is 20k and he has 70, so if he calls he is commited on basically any flop, so raise = AI, its a hard one without player info.
So id be up for a limp here, fold if he pushes AI, check it down to the river, cant see him pushing on a bluff and he might be quite suspect about the limp, slightly unusuall play, so unless he has a hand I guess you got a chance to make it to the river if needed.
1k BI means HUGE $ at the end, dont need to get too smart here.

D) I would raise 30k. This is a beat or get beated situation, and having a pair in here is very good, so we have to know how to get the best profit of this situation. Its us against the lower guy and we have a pair, although its low, but its a pair. I would raise and he only have two possible moves: fold or going all-in. If he calls, he knows he will see all-in by me after flop, so he should never think about that. I would be ready to go all-in after him with this hand, even running the risk of becoming 4th and have my prize compromised. But, if you dont bet with a pair in the hand, what kind of hand are you going to wait for?

hand was to weak and u ll must fold it becouse u ll have 2 oponents against u and i am sure that your chanses was worth only 25 % or less so better save your money for all in push with poket AA
good luck and have fun Tongue

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