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Hi folks,

I just wanted to tell you my little funny story with Poker770. I know this Forum is full of threads like
this, but I have to spread this as another warning...

After registration through the bankrollmob promotion I received my bonuss of 7.70 EUR for Poker (bonpok) and additional 10.00 EUR for the Casino (boncas). Worship
Ok, thats really fast I thought and so I gave it a try. In summery I spent half an hour at this site and my account balance is 0.00 EUR at this time and I will never change that circumstance for the following reasons:

I you dare to take a look at one of the Casino Slotmachines (in my case it was Hulk and Ironman...),
be aware that your winnings are shown as winnings Thumbs Up but - thy wont be credited to the account Thumbs Down Confused
This happened to me in the Hulk game on the bigger winnings, like 1.00 EUR and above. The small Cent-winnings were transferred, lol. Ok, no prob so far, could be a software error in Hulk game.
Yes, it could be. We as moderate power users with some kind of minimum knowledge, we know that
strange things can happen in this times of thousand of upgrades, libs and drivers and different operating systems ...
... but the joke I found within is that Ironman game even shows the winnings as winnings but not only a single of them in all the spins I did were credited to my account Evil Aww crap!

So what? No, thats not the end of the story, hehe. But don´t be scared too much as I´m finished in a hurry - do not even believe that you are able to spent your 10.00 EUR Casino Bonuss without affecting your 7.70 EUR Poker bonuss... HA! Try it out, but be warned after spending your casino bonuss you will notice that your poker balance is zero and you still got a credit of 7.70 EUR for casino games, such games that dont like it very much to pay the winnings ... Agree

So at the really end let me say: I had some fun, yes! Thanks for your bonuss 770! Thanks for letting
us view this funny poker and gambling room. Worship Thumbs Down Worship And Good Bye, I will delete my account at this room fast as lightning.

Good cards to all Bankrollmobber´s!

Kind regards,

Heh he... Strange days indeed.

I have got some of that casinomoney too, but I haven't yet tired it, since I am not that fond of EV- games.

But I have been betting at Bet770, and played some poker at Poker770, and this has worked out very well for me.

But thanks for the warning about the casion. Smile

Slots are evil! But i have never seen such thing. 770 uses Playtech? Should be a good software for online casinos, and such things should not happen.

Posted by shokaku:
770 uses Playtech? Should be a good software for online casinos, and such things should not happen.

They do. In fact I realized nothing wrong with Playtech until today. Nevertheless I only spent free
bonuss money in online casinos because I´m not able to trust them a lot. Got a similar bonuss on Titan.
They are using Playtech, too. There were no problems even in Hulk or Ironman...

You slot junkies are really funny people ...
Why didnt you contact support if theres something wrong with their software ?

Posted by Davoodoo:
You slot junkies are really funny people ...
Why didnt you contact support if theres something wrong with their software ?

I´m more a poker player, as I already mentioned I´m just gambling in casinos with free bonusses.
In this really strange case, I´ve got the unconcious knowing support wont help me further in this
case. In their terms and conditions for usage they are claiming not to be responsible in case of any
errors. I take this one easy, as it was free money. Just be warned to take care what you are doing at 770.

why did you even try the slots when there are so many better games.

After loosing the 7.7$ bonus tried the casino turned the 10$ into 200$ in blackjack any profits from the casino go to your poker account.

Got greedy and kept playing eventually loosing it all.

I have an poker account at Poker 770, but I don't play the casino games because you will lose your bankroll much quicker, so I only play tourney's or ring games.

Posted by GIOMi6: so I only play tourney's or ring games.

Thumbs Up good advice for sure !

casino bonis at Ipoker-rooms are always sketchy
you always have to sit out with your whole real money balance at an poker table...then you can use your casino bonus...but there is always an rollover for this bonus like 10x or more.

So the best what we can learn from this is never play those casino games...
Especially not on sites where you have a poker bankroll, because losses in casino maybe deducted from your poker money.

casino bonus are the worst. I got a no deposit promotion on coolcat (i'm not sure anymore) and went to the roullet. went to play on real money. In half an hour I turned 50$ in 300$. talked to support to see if I was already ellegible to withdraw my winnings as they responded to me that for my country the bonnus was only playmoney. of course I haven't read the promotion rules but never thought that a bankroll promotion could be play money. I don't need a promotion for playing with play money thx a lot. I knew that I could have a huge rollover but this is ridiculous isn't it? I asked them if that was the reason why I won so much in such a short periode of time for wich I got no response.

I didn't new that , but i never played poker or casino at poker770.
I only play poker on Full tilt or Pokerstars

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